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YAMEO sp. z o.o.

Piastowska 11
80-332 Gdańsk

NIP: 9570902738

Meet Yameo

We are a Dutch-Polish team of IT specialists that since 2005 have been pushing boundaries of technologies to deliver the most innovative IT services and solutions. If you are looking for very dynamic work, where you can focus on delivery of innovative solutions and see your results quickly in real environment – this is place for you.

Yameo implement many various and innovative projects specialized in the domains: Finance and Insurance, Banking, NGO, Healthcare. 

Solutions developed by Yameo

VideoInPerson - Yameo product used for remote inspection handling, providing easy scheduling, queueing, or on-demand call schedule. The product enables inspections to investigate claims remotely by inspecting the damage in real-time using video technology, collecting photos, doing recordings, gathering geolocalization data. The solution is easy to use as not the mobile app is needed to install – just click & play.

The solution is built-in newest Java, Angular versions and fully deployed on Kubernetes.

eClaims platform builds for Ghana's National Health Insurance Authority for processing medical claims from hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers. The solution is used to collect them, validate, autocorrect, provide a dedicated portal for the claims officer to correct/approve claims, and, in the end, process them through the payment platform. The platform is responsible for processing around seven mln claims each year.

Agri-wallet system is used in the agriculture industry in Kenya by the Dodore Kenya organization. The application helps farmers increase their agriculture production and save money earmarked for farming (i.e., fertilizer, grain). It supports farmers to learn enterprise and encourages them to invest in their own business.

Agri-wallet is a web application that manages farmers' and merchants' accounts, tracks all transactions in the system, and withdraws money from the Agri-wallet to the local financial system. The payment process is done using the simple SMS command through the integration with the local SMS gateway. The solution has been build in .NET Core 2.2/3.1 and Angular 8. It is built as a multi-tenant distributed system deployed on the Kubernetes cluster.

Last Mile Mobile Solutions® (LMMS) is a technology solution designed to strengthen efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability in humanitarian aid service delivery. LMMS improves remote data collection, and helps better management of aid recipients, and additionally enables faster and fairer aid distributions, delivering rapid reporting functionality to aid workers. LMMS is a stand-alone technology solution developed by World Vision in collaboration with the IT industry. It combines software applications with custom hardware to digitize (and simplify) the process. These applications include; beneficiary registration, verification, distribution planning and management, monitoring and reporting, with the ability to integrate with third-party applications.

Photo App is an application for reporting and managing two types of damages: windows and doors. The system was developed for our client from Germany and currently supports and optimizes their main business flow.

Main functionalities of the applications:

  • Creating claims;
  • Reporting damages with all details and photos;
  • Managing and processing reported claims;
  • Managing insurance companies;
  • Generating reports.

The solution is built leveraging the Microsoft Azure platform.

tellma software solution was an easily deployable video solution onto various kiosk set-ups. The solution supports features such as HQ video calling, Customer Queuing, Digital Signage, and Video-Identification. These enable daily banking business activities to be carried out digitally via one of the kiosk machines. The solution is customizable, allowing the customer to choose which features they will require for their unique use cases.

E-CLAIMS 2.0 The E-Claims 2.0 system will replace the existing NHIA project for Ghana National Health Insurance. The system contains several modules that integrate with the old one to keep the current system undistributed while adding the new modules or modifying existing ones. The system will provide more automatic work of claims processing and will be more user-friendly, faster, and easier to use than the existing platform. The solution will include machine learning capabilities to detect potential frauds.

COIN22 is a real-time global financial platform that is easy to use. The transactions are made by the simple SMS commend thus can be used anywhere in the world. It provides an effective and efficient way of transferring money in a closed-loop system using digital currency. COIN22 is integrated with external financial services (open loop system) to exchange digital currency for real money. Transactions are stored in an Ethereum blockchain. 

Evoucher - solution enables donors to cash-support beneficiaries who receive NFC cards which can be used at participating merchants to buy the goods and services they need. The solution has been used in various countries and continents, ranging from Costa Rica to Mozambique.

CERTIS Development of uniquely tailored ISO standard-based workflow systems. First delivered in 2012, this system allows for managing the certification process, including skills-based planning, reporting, and collaboration between auditors, inspectors, and customers.

IOP For over seven years, we delivered an advanced platform for offering insurance functionalities for ONE underwriting customer (former IAK Verzekeringen). It requires connectivity in real-time with 10+ different suppliers to authorize the user. We are also providing infrastructure with monitoring and backup policies compliant with ISO and ISAE certifications.

The most crucial functionalities of Insurance Online Platform:

  • Insurance price calculation,
  • Advanced business rules engine,
  • Policy and declaration view,
  • Integration with Oracle backend,
  • Call Centre application with Direct Access to customer's account.

EBODAC A web application called 'Ebodac' is used on dedicated mobile devices by experts to register answers according to four modules. The solution can be used offline and automatically syncs when a connection is established. The answers generate a report highlighting key gap areas that need to be addressed before an Ebola vaccine is distributed to various African communities.

What you can expect from us

We’re based in a modern, non-corporate office. We enjoy:

  • A truly great location in the heart of the historic Oliwa, a stone’s throw from the scenic Oliwa Park.
  • Beautiful view over a pond, our own terrace and windows that can actually be opened!
  • Easy access to public transportation (SKM, trams), bicycle paths and motorways.
  • Fully equipped kitchen with a very decent coffee machine.
  • Free parking spots and facilities for bike riders.

Things we don’t have:

  • Swings and skateboards,
  • Glass ceiling 😉

We’re all for comfort and ergonomics, so we will get you a height adjustable desk and a comfortable chair. You will also get a top-notch computer (and two monitors) - Dell laptops sets (i7 10gen, 32GB RAM, 1TB NVMe) + Dell P2720D monitors , but if you prefer to work on your own machine – no problem! Linux or Windows – it’s up to you.

We’re big fans of the LeSS Framework.

We’re using the Atlassian package (Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket), as well as Jenkins and Docker – no matter what team you’re in. We particularly pay attention to the quality of the source code (SonarQube+Code Review) – after all our applications are used in over 20  countries all over the world!

We strive to be continually learning. We regularly buy books for our internal library. We also attend training sessions and conferences, and at least once a month we organize internal training session. If you want to, you’re free to conduct one.

The 5 Unwritten But The Most Important Company Rules You Won't Find In The Employee Handbook

  1. Trust instead of control.
  2. Respect instead of criticism.
  3. Trying and falling instead of being led by the hand.
  4. Problem solving instead of creating.
  5. Acting in the client’s and Yameo’s best interest instead of selfishness.