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Wavin Shared Services sp. z o.o.

Pastelowa 2
60-198 Poznań
wielkopolskie, Polska

NIP: 7792477602

We are a community of companies bound by a shared purpose

The Wavin Shared Service Center was established in 2013 to provide services in the fields of accounting, reporting, IT business application, master data, procurement, compliance, internal audit, 2D&3D technical designing services for Orbia of which Wavin is part since 2012. Our SSC employees are actively involved in local and international projects. The team works to map and optimize processes, participates in workshops to exchange information and seek more efficient solutions to business needs. We believe our purpose statements are more than just words on a wall. It’s a promise we’ve made to ourselves, our shareholders, and the people and communities we serve across the globe. Being part of Orbia keep us connected to people’s experience on our communal planet and inspire us to propel our cities and systems forward. Over time, we have confidence that our businesses will continue to grow successful as their efforts grow more positively impactful.

As the world changes it affects us all. And when we change, it affects the world. These changes create global challenges and corporate accountabilities, all of which are so much larger than a quarterly earnings report. We recognize that our global presence comes with a global responsibility. We crafted our purpose to drive our decision making. It exists to help us measure the merits of our businesses by more than just profits.

Services we provide:

The Accounts Payable team is responsible for all the activities that need to be carried out in order to post invoices and initiate paying them. It includes initial verification of invoices, booking them in accordance with rules, preparing payment proposals, contact supplier/local OC on a daily basis, handling external and internal client queries and end of the month activities. Team AP also takes care of the activities reimbursing expenses related to business trips and performs regular internal controls in the AP field.

The Accounts Receivable team is responsible for posting bank statements, allocation of incoming and outgoing payments, bank reconciliations as well as performing cash collection tasks (reminders, debt collection, aging reports).

The General Ledger team is responsible for coordinating and performing end of the month activities; tax-related activities for various entities in the group; preparing financial statements; VAT advisory; transfer pricing; fixed asset area.

The Reporting team is responsible for Distribute Group & Managerial Reports, Generate Performance Analysis, Solve Ad-hoc data queries, Design & prototype new reports dashboards and build excellence at SAP & BI systems.

The WTC team is responsible for performing various procurement operations for Wavin Trading Company (central purchasing entity for the whole Wavin group in Europe) as well as performing billing for other entities.

The Projects/Business Application team implements and supports systems like: SAP VIM, Concur, OnGuard, Basware, TopDesk; coordinates and participates in group projects like process improvements and transfer of activities from business units.

The Master Data team is split into two parts: Operational Team and Excellence Team. Operational Team creates, extends, changes and blocks/unblocks vendors (vendor master data); creates new employee accounts (employee master data); extends and creates customer accounts (customer master data); creates materials and checks consistency of material master data. Main scope of duties for Master Data Excellence Team is implementation of projects dedicated for Fluent Europe Customer.

The Compliance team is responsible for risk identification, internal control design and implementation, continuous internal control monitoring; access rights management, creation and update of policies and procedures in accordance with specific organizational guidelines, contact with internal and external auditors.

The Business Relationship & Analytics team is responsible for keeping open communication, administering Master Agreements, controlling service scope & billing, monitoring satisfaction, providing actionable metrics & KPI’s, identifying bottlenecks & pain points, supporting Lean & DMAIC initiatives, implementing Visual management, facilitating problem solving sessions.

The Building Design Service Center team is responsible for creating content and advanced BIM tools supporting the design of below and above ground installation  based on models of buildings made in 3D technology. The team supports also the preparation of technical studies of installation solutions based on 2D and 3D projects. In addition, we are responsible for creating technical drawings for the website and technical catalogs.

The Internal Audit team is responsible for carrying out audits and complying to the defined audit methodology; tests, assessing and presenting detailed audit reports with observations and recommendations for operational improvements; participating in audits and carrying out special investigations.

Every single one of us plays an important role and together we build better world believing in what we are doing has impact for all of us.

The Talent Acquisition team is consists of recruiters who oversee the end-to-end process of talent acquisition for a company. The team is responsible for designing and implementing the recruiting strategy. Sourcing and attracting candidates by using job boards, social media etc. Conducting interviews and filtering candidates for open positions.


Working at Wavin is a challenging, but exciting opportunity that can help you to develop professionally. Whether you want to take part in engaging projects, process transitions or help us carry out daily activities in our office in Poznań - Wavin has exciting opportunities for you.


If you have have experience in services we provide and you would like to be part of an ambitious and diverse team. We might have something for you where you can take on challenging tasks with plenty of development opportunities. Just apply for our recruitment offer and become one of us.


If you are a student and you want to find out how working in an international environment feels like, begin a journey with us and get an inside look how the global company operates. There is no need for specific, economic or financial background, we will provide you with all necessary tools and trainings.

Our paid internship program is adjusted to your daily schedule. You will be assigned various tasks and guided by one of our specialists. Internship lasts at least 3 months and most of them end up with an employment contract.

Recruitment Process:

Online application:

  • Initial Phone Interview with HR specialist
  • Face to Face meeting or skype meeting with a HR specialist and a dedicated Team Leader/Language Check Interview (if applicable)
  • Final Decision and Feedback

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