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VIOTAS Innovation Hub

Aleja Słowackiego 64 lok 10
30-004 Kraków
małopolskie, Polska
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Market-leading smart grid technology and services company.

About Us

VIOTAS is an international company based in Ireland implementing high‑tech services for the electricity industry. Operating at the leading edge of the industry creating innovative services that are underpinned by continued in-house technology development and delivered to the market by an exceptional technical services team. Some of this can be delivered faster than the blink of an eye to provide the critical support that’s needed to facilitate the increasing integration of renewable energy.

The company was recently named the fastest growing technology company in Ireland at the Deloitte Fast 50 Awards in 2019. We are beginning to expand globally, with plans to implement energy system services in a number of other international markets.   

We are a highly motivated team that are pushing boundaries to achieve success. We are looking for driven people who are searching for the same.


Our Vision:

VIOTAS will transform the energy ecosystem with Pioneering Gridware Technology to accelerate the use of renewable energy on power systems worldwide.

Our Mission:

VIOTAS brings together a friendly team of cross-domain experts to develop and deliver innovative technologies and services that focus on bringing additional renewable energy onto the grid while generating revenue for our customers.

We are passionate about enabling a low carbon future by leading the development of smart grid technology to accelerate the use of renewable energy worldwide.  Innovation is at the core of everything we do.  Our dedicated research and development team, VIOTAS Innovation, develops leading-edge technology that underpins our services to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and the power system.

We work with our customers to implement smart technologies and services that enable flexible electricity consumers to play a key role in accelerating the greater use of renewable energy on power systems.  Our smart technology enables customer’s commercial or industrial facilities to actively support the security of the power system.  By becoming active participants on the power system, our customers are rewarded by earning revenue for their business.

At VIOTAS, you will be working with a helpful and knowledgeable team that is truly passionate about bringing market-leading innovation to our customers.


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