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Contact details

TimeCamp SA

Wiśniowa 36A/311
53-137 Wrocław
dolnośląskie, Polska

NIP: 8943003832

Who we are?

We're a group of likeminded people that enjoy working on improving TimeCamp: a simple yet extremely robust time tracking application for businesses and professionals across all industries.

Meet us

Being honest with yourself as well as being able to receive feedback are the building blocks of constant improvement. This helped to shape TimeCamp into a thriving organization.

We strive to be transparent with all of our peers: employees, clients and vendors as this is key to forming respectful relationships.

Each and every one of our peers are treated as our equal partner, regardless of their role, experience and background.

Every decision that we make: as individuals, teams and as a company is made with a frugal mindset. We heavily invest our resources where we see real value.

Perks & Benefits

Market-proven SaaS product company
Work in an exciting startup-like environment but without the chaos and unpredictability that comes with it.

Home office
Work from your home if you feel like this best for your productivity. We'll give you the tools, you just need to do your thing.

Flexible hours
Do you experience your productivity peak at a different time of the day? Not a problem! Adjust your work schedule to your preference.

Book library
Grab a read during work or rent one and take it home. Reading is good, you know.

Choose your tools
Mac, PC, or any other tool that you need to work on. We've got you covered!

Parking place
Park your car, motorcycle, or spaceship at a convenient spot close to the office.

Dog friendly
Bring your doggo with you to the office. Nothing beats having your canine companion beside you, especially when having a ruff day.

Personal development
Do you want to expand your skillsets? You're in the right place because we have a development budget for you.

Annual Leave
Do you like to travel? Or maybe you have a passion project to fulfill? Whatever you enjoy, be sure to use all of your 26 vacation days to the fullest.

Lunch budget
Well, who doesn't like free food?

Multisport allowance
Stay in shape thanks to a Multisport membership.