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ul. Marynarska 13
02-674 Warszawa
mazowieckie, Polska

NIP: 5213870420

How We are?

We are trusted partner in advanced digital healthcare solutions.  

Since 2014, we upskill and provide business with plug&play digital healthcare platform including modules like telemedicine, automated triage, Artificial Intelligence, medical devices monitoring and API integrations. We take into account the expectations of our customers and the specificities of local markets. 

We combine multicultural expertise with the power of technology. Our solutions are used by an ever-growing number of patients across the world.

Let’s have a look at some numbers

  • 7 years of global experience
  • more than 100,000 consultations per month
  • available in 10+ languages in 20 countries
  • over 500 doctors in our network
  • 90% problems solved online
  • 100+ business customers

What’s in it for you?

We offer good salaries. We enable you to work remotely in full. We give you unlimited access to all our remote doctor consultations. But what’s most important is our culture. Here at Telemedi we seek and encourage honest, mutual feedback, ownership and drive for growth and improvement.  And yes - you truly can speak your mind and be taken seriously.

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