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Shell Business Operations

Czerwone Maki 85
30-392 Kraków
małopolskie, Polska

NIP: 5261009190

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

D&I is a business differentiator that helps Shell to be successful in delivering our strategy; ability to attract, motivate, and retain diverse pool of talent, better understanding our varied customer base and building solid relationships with them, at the same time, boosting engagement of our employees. We believe that diverse teams led by inclusive leaders deliver superior business results.

SBO Kraków is a very diverse workplace, where inclusion is valued and built in all teams. Below a few areas and activities, we focus on:

DIVERSE TEAMS - 49 nationalities, 18 foreign languages, more than 10% of the employees at SBO Kraków come from outside Poland.

GENDER BALANCE - We pay special attention to gender balance in resourcing and development processes, with the result being, around 50% of managers at SBO are female

NO BARRIERS - To ensure we make SBO a conductive workplace for this group of staff, we remove the obstacles, both the architectural and the mental ones, focusing on building awareness across the organization esp., at the leadership level. On top of that, we offer a group of dedicated recruiters and trained employees, who can support for the candidates with disabilities.

INCLUSION - SBO is a comfortable work environment for specialists, regardless of their gender, skin colour or sexual orientation etc., we build inclusion by being a part of e.g. International Coming Out Day, the 2015 international LGBT symposium, learning and cross corporate networking events.

PARENTS - We enable all staff members to combine their professional and family life. On top of the typical benefits, we provide parents with e.g. school supplies or Christmas gifts, at the same time, create space for having fun together at family picnics and exchanging best practices with other mums and dads within a Parents Network.


We engage in numerous CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities. We support local community or people in need, we care about natural environment and our own balance between work and personal life. If you wish to change your closest surrounding to a better one, we provide multiple opportunities to do that.

Bezpieczne Szelki - Long-term action for pupils of primary schools from the vicinity of Kraków and their parents. Our employees and police officers teach how to be safe on the road

Animal Day - Each year, we organise an Animal Day, whose purpose is to help the Shelter for Homeless Animals in Kraków and the Harbutowice Animal Shelter

Kraków Business Run - The profits from the event are provided for purchase of prostheses for the pupils of Jasiek Mela’s “Beyond Horizons” Foundation

Collaboration with Earthwatch - Resilience is a project that supports the employees of SBO Kraków in building balance between work and personal life

Blood Donation Campaign, Tree planting, Szlachetna Paczka