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ROCKWOOL Global Business Service Center Sp. z o.o.

ul. Wierzbięcice 1B
Building D1
61-569 Poznań
wielkopolskie, Polska
[email protected]

NIP: 5252658121


The ROCKWOOL is a world leader in a stone wool solutions covering building insulations, industrial and technical insulation. Our product help to decrease environmental problems such as global warming. We are a company on a mission, working towards a cleaner, greener future, and as such, we have aligned our sustainability goals with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Working at ROCKWOOL means that you contribute to that mission. 

Rockwool in Poznań

ROCKWOOL Global Business Service Center located in Poznań was open in 2016 with 27 employees onboard. Today,  we hire more than 370 employees and are still expanding in new exciting areas to support Rockwool business all over the world. Apart from central services that we provide within Finance and Controlling – we have built strong competence centres for Digital (IT), Group Technology (Engineering), Sourcing and Procurement and Digital Marketing. We believe in flexibility & diversity in each area of operations. Our ambition is to provide vertical & parallel growth opportunities. Rockwool values which include ambition, integrity, responsibility and efficiency are visible in the way we work every day. 


Important for us is also to introduce our Rockwool Way, which describes our culture, explain our company DNA.

Our values reflects desired company behaviours, as they capture the essence of our principles and beliefs. This is who we are, how we work and what we want to achieve. It also sets a clear direction for all our employees, and guides us how to collaborate with our colleagues,  customers and also while recruiting new employees – to set the right expectations and ensure a good match.

The “ROCKWOOL Way”  is based on four values: 

  • AMBITION: means that we strive relentlessly for success, we believe to become a more successful company by being ambitious and setting big goals for ourselves and our teams.
  • INTEGRITY: it’s about being honest and trustworthy, we never compromise our integrity for business results.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: is about having a courage in taking personal responsibility while facing different challenges. We believe that success is built in teams; we mind to share the praise and recognize individual or collective achievements. 
  • EFFICIENCY: means breaking constraints and maximizing output by defining clear priority areas, directing resources accordingly and taking action on the most important issues first.


ROCKWOOL Finance services were established as a part of ROCKWOOLGlobal Business Services Center in 2016. From very beginning we are working with multiple countries within and outside of Europe providing support within following areas: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Banking and Treasury, T&E & Controlling. Finance is one of the core of our business, where financial skills lead to better decision-making throughout the entire value chain. We make sure we make our business run smoothly and contribute to our company’s development and growth. 

Serving ROCKWOOL Group with digital expertise, you and your team will ensure a smart and seamless experience in the interactions between internal colleagues, customers, stakeholders and vendors. We foster an environment that encourages development – to enable you to take ownership of your career with us. Digitalization is at the top of the agenda, and you will be part of an evolution that will take our business further. Our Digital team in Poznań was established in 2016 and is growing since then. In 2022 we are opening an office in Warsaw as well. We are working in different areas such as Digital Workplace, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Digital Factory, Supply Chain Services, Digital Device, RPA, Digital Applications and more.

Engineers are organizationally a part of GROUP OPERATIONS & TECHNOLOGY. Members of the team have many years of experience in various fields of engineering.  As passionate engineers they support ROCKWOOL GROUP with innovative solutions customized to their needs.  Main responsibilities include realization of tasks like project management, quality assurance, design and development of new technical solutions for ROCKWOOL factories located all over the world. 

A Procurement competence centre is established in Poznan where we will have both strategic (Category Managers) and tactical (Sourcing Managers) procurement employees as well as we have established the ATP (Analysis, Tools and Processes) team mainly located in Poznan. Group Sourcing and Procurement (GSP) is functionally accountable for all procurement activities (Direct, Indirect and CAPEX) within the ROCKWOOL Group. GSP is responsible for procurement as defined by Group Management and documented in the Group Procurement Policy and Manual. The overall purpose of GSP is to support long term competitiveness and mitigate supply risks on a sustainable platform. 

Marketing Shared Service Center (MSSC) is a newly founded marketing design and production service provider for ROCKWOOL local entities. A part of Group Marketing, Communication & Public Affairs. We hire specialists experienced in the field of marketing design, animation, video editing and print. Team is self-organizing and ready for the most difficult challenges ROCKWOOL has to offer. 

Group Investment Controlling supports Group Management with CAPEX forecasting, analysis and recommendations. Within its area it ensures business partnering and financial support to business. Group Investment Controlling supervises Group guidelines on Investment procedures governance and contributes to maintain CAPEX related Group accounting policies relevant and up to date. Finally within its area of responsibility it supports the Group in preparing materials for the Board of Directors. 

Indirect Tax Compliance department, belonging to ROCKWOOL Group Tax, supports the entire ROCKWOOL Group with indirect tax compliance processes in its broadest sense. They are responsible for ensuring that stakeholders within the organization are provided with high-quality services and deliverables, including staying up to date on legislative changes. 

Business Assurance was established in February 2019 with an aim to further strengthen The ROCKWOOL Group’s compliance and risk setup. The Head of Business Assurance (based in HQ, Denmark) reports to the Audit Committee and the Group CFO, but the function also works close together with the members of Group Management, heads of group functions and local management in the countries where the Group is present. ROCKWOOL consolidated Compliance, Integrity, Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Audit in order to take advantage of the synergies from these four different assurance areas. We are a small team with an ambition to grow whenever we know that we can deliver more value to our main stakeholders. 

Systems and Structures is responsible for designing and implementing best in class digitalized financial processes and capabilities in order to enable effective, value-adding and compliant Finance and Master Data operations in ROCKWOOL.  

Systems & Structures consist of 3 pillars: 

  • Processes & Standards have an oversight of End to End processes, governance and controls, responsible for designing financial processes, managing change and strategic alignment with other functions in order to drive improvements for ROCKWOOL 
  • Financial Systems and Applications acts as a system owner, including the corporate BI platform, drives roll out of new tools, and adoption and aligned data management across the organization. It oversees the finance initiatives portfolio and facilitates priority setting and governance in a transparent way. 
  • RGBS Master Data Operations delivers specialized Master Data services to ROCKWOOL business with focus on high quality, efficiency and compliance. RGBS MD supports Group projects and executes master data related improvement initiatives. 

We are software development department working on maintenance and development of e-Gro - software platform that allows our clients to collect and combine the relevant data from their greenhouse and translate it into real-time insights for data-driven Precision Growing. We support clients around the world with 2 flavours of our app - Veg one dedicated for vegetable growers (tomato, sweet pepper, cucumber) and MJ one - dedicated for cannabis growers. 
More details about e-Gro - 

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