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  • IKEA Purchasing Services Poland Sp. z o.o.
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IKEA Purchasing Services Poland Sp. z o.o.

IKEA Purchasing Services Poland Sp. z o.o.

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  • Transportation/Freight forwarding/Courier services
  • Logistics/Distribution
  • Industrial manufacturing
How we employ
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  • We work with suppliers of furniture and home furnishings, as well as carriers, to deliver finished products to IKEA stores. We are looking for buyers, logisticians, engineers & transport specialists.

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Purchasing Development Supply Chain OperationsSupply Chain DevelopmentIKEA Components Purchasing And Logistics (PLA)Development Centre

What is the work in our company like?

We are responsible to purchase the materials and the production capacity to produce home furnishing products and food.
We are responsible to produce the wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.

Day in the Company

We work very close with our suppliers to secure affordability, accessibility, sustainability and quality as our main priorities.
We need to be able to grow and continuously develop our competence, business and suppliers. This gives us the energy and dynamism to contribute to a Better Everyday Life!


  • sharing the costs of sports activities
  • private medical care
  • sharing the costs of foreign language classes
  • sharing the costs of professional training & courses
  • life insurance
  • remote work opportunities
  • flexible working time
  • fruits
  • corporate products and services at discounted prices
  • mobile phone available for private use
  • retirement pension plan
  • corporate library
  • no dress code
  • pre-paid cards

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Work in company IKEA Purchasing Services Poland Sp. z o.o.

Banner IKEA Purchasing Services Poland Sp. z o.o.
IKEA Purchasing Services Poland Sp. z o.o.

Logistics Operations Specialist

  • Specjalista (Mid / Regular)
  • Pełny etat
  • Umowa o pracę
  • Szukamy wielu kandydatów (20 wakatów)
  • Запрошуємо працівників з України
  • Робота для іноземців
  • Praca hybrydowa

IKEA Purchasing Services Poland Sp. z o.o.

Logistics Operations Specialist with Italian language in Control Tower, SCO

  • Specjalista (Mid / Regular)
  • Pełny etat
  • Umowa o pracę
  • Запрошуємо працівників з України
  • Praca hybrydowa

IKEA Purchasing Services Poland Sp. z o.o.

Logistics Operations Specialist with German language in Control Tower, SCO

  • Specjalista (Mid / Regular)
  • Pełny etat
  • Umowa o pracę
  • Запрошуємо працівників з України
  • Praca hybrydowa

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Recruitment process

  • Start and HR Interview
    We want to get to know you better, hear about your experience and skills. Part of the interview is conducted in English as it is t...
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    Hiring Manager and “grandparent” Interviews
    You will get to know the leader of the team to which you are applying and the details of the scope of duties. We will also check y...
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    Personality test and case study
    We`re looking for personality not only the experience or knowledge. We would like to know your motivation, what is important for y...
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    Regardless of the result of the talks - we will come back to you with feedback. In the case of a positive decision, we will guide ...
IKEA Purchasing Services Poland Sp. z o.o.

Employer’s area

IKEA Purchasing Services Poland Sp. z o.o.

What makes us stand out among our competitors?


years is the average length of service among our employees. We build strong relationships.

4 732

hours in last 12 months our co-workers spent on trainings. We all grow together.


co-workers from 16 different countries are working in our Warsaw office. We collaborate and co-create.


About us

Who are we?

We are an integral part of IKEA. Although at first glance we may not be seen, we are behind all the products that you can buy. Within IKEA we act as a bridge between our suppliers and IKEA stores around the world in which we deliver the goods.

In Poland we are divided into two legal entities: IKEA Purchasing Services Poland and IKEA Development Center. 

What do we do?

We support both purchasing of products, raw materials and components from suppliers located all around Europe following distribution into retail stores IKEA worldwide, or delivery of components directly to suppliers.

What do we do differently?

We work and develop with our suppliers in long-term partnership with mutual advantage. Therefore, our relations are based on trust, intensive development and long-term goals.

Where are we located?

In Poland our office is placed in Warsaw. 

IKEA's vision is to create better everyday life for the many people, this vision was guided by the design of our office, it is based on dividing the office space into several areas, from which employees choose the one that corresponds to a given form of activity. The office offers areas for individual and group work, work in silence or for project work. We want to maintain the specific design of IKEA interiors, reflecting the Swedish nature, simplicity and functionality. 

Employee’s perspective

Reviews about IKEA Purchasing Services Poland Sp. z o.o. company

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    Working for IKEA is an exciting experience. You can never get bored. From day one you are given trust and a lot of support from other colleagues who are friendly and helpful. Our office gives a feeling of HOME as this is a business we are working in – creating a better everyday life for the many people. And HOME plays fundamental role in doing so.
    Katarzyna Warchał
    Purchasing & Logistics Area Manager
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    IKEA is the greatest company to start your career, even if you`re not experienced in your field, believe me, you will get a chance to improve it here. What I like the most is atmosphere at work, everybody are friendly here and really want to help you, so you will not only have great place to work, experience and new knowledge, but also friends.
    Oleksiy Kotikov
    IT Partner
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    In my role I lead the people agenda with my team. We work with creating the best possible workplace by offering support and development in different areas, e.g. learning, recruitment, benefits etc. I love to work for IKEA due to that we give our co-workers so many possibilities and that we want to create a better everyday life for the many people!
    Haben Debessay
    People & Culture Manager
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    In my job the first and the most important aspect is PEOPLE. I have a chance to cooperate with experienced and knowledgeable professionals, who are always willing to support with advice and their hand when challenges occur. Together, we are able to question existing solutions, improve and expand expertise towards the organization.
    Magdalena Chronowska
    Supply Planner
  • employee photo
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    I lead the engineering design development and execute engineering activities in product development. Every day is different, full of challenges and new opportunities. You can develop not only the products and the process but you can develop yourself to be even better. The best feeling is to see the products, you have developed, in IKEA store.
    Magdalena Troć
    Product Design Engineer (Development Center)
  • employee photo
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    I started working at IKEA after graduating from university and I have been here for over 14 years. Why? I see two main reasons. Firstly, the sea of possibilities. As a global company and highly developed locally, it allows you to adjust your career path to your interests and ambitions. Secondly the people and the work climate we altogether create.
    Natalia Sadowniczyk
    Deputy Flow Capacity Planning Manager
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    I work in IKEA 4 years, very challenging and exciting years. I take care of end-to-end Supply Chain with cost and availability in the back of my head. Before this journey, I couldn’t believe that there are places, where I can truly be my authentic self and what is more – that would be appreciated.
    Monika Kruk
    Supply Operations Developer
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Flexibility and homeoffice

In IKEA, we believe that flexibility in our job is essential. We want to pay attention to our work-life balance and that means that the working time is adjusted to our working needs. Home office when needed can be used, based on agreement with the manager of the team.  

People and planet

We want to have a positive impact. That’s why we are consistent in our approach and produce products from sustainable sources: from switching our entire lighting range to energy-efficient LED to sourcing all of the cotton. We’re also working towards our goal of 100% renewable energy.


Diversity at IKEA runs across all areas: gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, age and nationality. Why? It is important to create a workplace for the many people, where everyone learns from each other, respects human rights, diversity and inclusion.

Many ways to grow

It's not 'one size fits all'. At IKEA careers are not traditional, they are as different as you are! Your journey is unique, according to your development plan and the future goals of IKEA.

Essence of Swedishness

“FIKA” - that’s what we say when we take a coffee break. But it is so much more than just that. It is an opportunity to hang out with your friends, co-workers, meet new people. It’s a little Swedish word that packs a lot of meaning within.

Spirit of togetherness and enthusiasm

We believe that if we know each other better, we also cooperate better at work. Each team organizes own team-building each year. We have fun at Christmas party or Family day, St. Nicolas for children and many other afterwork activities.



Our location

IKEA Purchasing Services Poland Sp. z o.o.
IKEA Purchasing Services Poland Sp. z o.o.
Al. Krakowska 61
02-183 Warsaw

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