<b>Leading green energy company in the Baltics</b>

Leading green energy company in the Baltics

Take your part in #EnergySmart!

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Ignitis Renewables

Ignitis Renewables

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Vilnius - Lithuania, Riga - Latvia
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  • Ignitis Renewables is an international green energy company operating in the three Baltic states and Poland. Its objective is to develop onshore and offshore wind, solar energy & biomass projects.

See what working for our company is like

What is the work in our company like?

We are ready to implement historical offshore and onshore wind energy projects. The scope of projects varies from wind to solar energy, biomass, and waste-to-energy projects. Our vision is to transform for a more sustainable world that a generation which will come after us would find a planet greener and more energy smart.

Day in the Company

We are a team of diverse individuals working every day towards the more sustainable future;
Each decision in our team is built on our values: Responsibility, Partnerships, Openness & Growth;
The size of a group opens a variety of personal & professional development opportunities in whole region;
Every project you will work on will lead our region to the energy independence;
Empower your knowledge & ambition towards more sustainable and Energy Smart future at Ignitis Renewables!

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Work in company Ignitis Renewables


Accountant Expert (F/M/D) | ignitis renewables

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Supply chain specialist for operation and maintenance (F/M/D) | Ignitis renewables

  • Specjalista (Mid / Regular), Starszy specjalista (Senior)
  • Pełny etat
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  • Praca hybrydowa

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Ignitis Renewables

Employer’s area

Ignitis Renewables

What makes us stand out among our competitors?


GW is our goal to reach by 2030 via green generation.

2 050

is going be the year when we will reach zero net emissions.

4 100

Value-driven colleagues you will get by joining our team!

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About us

Ignitis Renewables is a part of Ignitis Group, an international energy company and one of the largest energy companies in the Baltic We are responsible for the effective operation of wind farms, the supervision of farms under construction and the development of new ones.

We are a passionate renewable energy experts, united to create a sustainable future with net zero emissions by 2050. We create the empowering environment for you to take your part in energy transformation towards more sustainable way. In return, we promise to encourage your development, guarantee dynamics of region-importance renewable energy challenges and ensure values driven international leadership.

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Let's make a world more Energy Smart together! To Take Your part in #EnergySmart future!

Wind, hydro, solar, biomass and waste energy generation is the direction of the future energy sector. The possibility to generate electricity from various sources increases the energy independence of the region, promotes renewable energy, contributes to solving climate change-related issues and reaching sustainable development goals.

Our location

Ignitis Renewables
Ignitis Renewables
Pulawska 2
Building B
02-566 Warsaw
  • Branches
    Vilnius - Lithuania
    Riga - Latvia

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