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ElitMind Sp. z o.o.

ElitMind Sp. z o.o.

    • IT/Administration
    • IT/Programming
    • Advisory services/Consulting
    Kraków, Wrocław
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    • Elitmind provides world-class Data Reporting, Analytics, Machine Learning, AI consulting services, and Managed Services focused on Microsoft cloud technology – Azure Data & AI and Power Platform.

    See what working for our company is like

    What is the work in our company like?

    The Team in the first place - We believe that there is power in the team. We pursue a common goal, helping each other in everyday work, sharing knowledge and skills.
    We exceed expectations - We are inquisitive and always looking for new solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients, business partners and associates. We deeply care about the highest quality of solutions, timeliness, simplicity, and business/cost effectiveness of the solutions and provided services.
    We take responsibility - We take responsibility for the result, regardless of our role in the project. We take the initiative – we take action and deliver results that we are proud of.
    We are partners- We create relationships based on open and direct communication and respect. We share feedback and appreciate each other.
    We develop constantly - Gaining new competencies, skills and experience is our passion. Our individual goals are combined with the company’s aspirations, which lets us act like pioneers in our field.

    Day in the Company

    A quick overview of new emails and ongoing communication, replying to the most urgent ones, planning and prioritizing the day.
    Preparing for the day's meetings with coworkers and clients, including catching up on recent issues and backlogs before taking it into a discussion with teammates.
    Daily meetings with the team – updates, planning, addressing issues, and exchanging ideas. We do not spend more than 15 minutes for quick synchro and check where we are and what are the next steps.
    Meetings and catching up with the customer – reviewing the tasks and issues, collecting requirements, and discussing the project backlog.
    The technical side of the role - focuses on the design, architecture, and development of data engineering solutions. I work closely with fellow engineers and architects to design and model business solutions for our customers. Let's remember documentation also.
    Another mailbox overview - checking if anything is urgent and needs to be actioned or addressed.
    Activities performed from time to time - preparing Proof of Concepts or presentations for the client to show our solutions or ideas.
    Summarize the day and plan the tasks for the following days…


    • sharing the costs of sports activities
    • private medical care
    • sharing the costs of foreign language classes
    • sharing the costs of professional training & courses
    • remote work opportunities
    • flexible working time
    • corporate products and services at discounted prices
    • integration events
    • corporate library
    • coffee / tea
    • parking space for employees
    • christmas gifts
    • employee referral program

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    Recruitment process

    • Screening
      The first stage of the process - telephone interview 📞 - is usually an exchange of common experiences and information on what Eli...
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      Technical interview
      The meeting usually lasts about an hour and is focused on assessing technical abilities for the role, the depth and breadth of can...
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      Final interview
      This stage is a meeting with Hiring Manager, it’s more a general/high level conversation allowing to get to know candidate, its am...
    ElitMind Sp. z o.o.

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    ElitMind Sp. z o.o.

    What makes us stand out among our competitors?


    offices in Poland


    + successfully completed analytics projects


    countries in which we delivered our services

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    About us

    IT consultants need two things to grow: top-notch projects and open-minded work environment. We provide both. At Elitmind, we create and implement solutions that transform the face of business. We specialize in IT consulting, especially Business Intelligence services, advanced analytics, and data management for the SQL Server platform.

    We aim at building a modern business for our clients, which is based on services and analytics tools that optimize business processes using the information from data. We support our clients in data management, what allows them to save their time, money and resources.

    We are looking for open-minded and analytical thinkers, who appreciate teamwork in a noncorporate environment, people who value working in a noncorporate, inspiring environment, where every day you can learn something new.

    Employee’s perspective

    Reviews about ElitMind Sp. z o.o. company

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      We have perfected the art of data integration, warehousing, and analytics. Our team is full of experts in the area of advanced Data and AI. Through continuous learning and development, we at Elitmind strive to be at the cutting edge of technological innovations.
      ElitMind Sp. z o.o.
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      Elitmind is a great place for people who are passionate about development, technology, and teamwork. We're all here because we value trust, cooperation, and the pursuit of common goals.
      ElitMind Sp. z o.o.
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    Our location

    ElitMind Sp. z o.o.
    ElitMind Sp. z o.o.
    Grzybowska 87
    00 - 844 Warszawa
    • Branches
      Al. Pokoju 18
      Sucha 2

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