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ALDI Tech Hub

ALDI Tech Hub

    • IT/Administration
    • Internet/E-Commerce
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    • The ALDI Tech Hub (ALDI Technology Support Sp. z o.o.) has been founded in order to establishing a strong supporting technology basis for the digitalisation course of the ALDI Nord Group of Companies.


    • sharing the costs of sports activities
    • private medical care
    • sharing the costs of foreign language classes
    • sharing the costs of professional training & courses
    • life insurance
    • flexible working time
    • integration events
    • mobile phone available for private use
    • no dress code
    • coffee / tea
    • leisure zone
    • employee referral program
    • charity initiatives

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    ALDI Tech Hub

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    ALDI Tech Hub
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    About us

    The ALDI Tech Hub is part of the ALDI Nord Group of Companies – one of the leading international retail enterprises with 5,600 stores and 86, 000 employees in 9 countries. With a tradition stretching back over 100 years, ALDI stands for the invention of discount retailing. Our mission is to provide people everywhere and at all times with what they need for their daily lives: high-quality products at the lowest possible price – simply and swiftly. This also includes making shopping as easy as possible. We ensure this not only in our stores, but just as much behind the scenes: In addition to powerful IT infrastructures for our stores, warehouses and offices, we are working on innovative technologies that will make shopping even easier in the future. The ALDI Tech Hub is an important part of fulfilling this mission.

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    Our location

    ALDI Tech Hub
    Aldi Technology Suuport Sp z o.o.
    ul. Fabryczna 1
    31-564 Krakow

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