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ul. Baraniaka 6
61-131 Poznań
wielkopolskie, Polska
Phones: 61 271 06 55
[email protected]

NIP: 7822569787

Mateusz Jakimiak, EU Logistics Controlling Analyst

My journey with O-I has started one and a half year ago. Initially on recruitment for internship, I was proposed to work on full time employment, I begun my career in sales controlling, but then after some time I was proposed to work in logistics controlling. On my current position I am able to provide meaningful information to stakeholders and help them make decisions. I do feel my job matters and it's both fulfilling for me and valuable for company.

During my short career I received help and support both from my department and outside of it. As an employee I have opportunity to attend many courses from a wide range of language lessons to technical tools learning during professional workshops. Atmosphere in office is good even during most busy days of month closing. I am content with being part of O-I GBS now and I see myself within O-I in future.

Anita Kaczmarek, HR & Communication Specialist

Time flies so fast…since 5 years I am working in O-I. I remember the day when I came for the job interview and how I was impressed when I saw our great office building with its magnificent view over Malta lake. Over those 5 years I have developed a lot in all my positions, I met wonderful and talented people. Believe me that I really know what I am saying  because I moved from O-I for a couple of months to the other company, but very soon I realized that O-I is the place that I want to be. I have been very fortunate to be accepted once again to O-I. What you also need to know about O-I is that in our company there is a great atmosphere. People in OI are really nice, they are supporting each other and they are generous in sharing knowledge for the purpose of making the teams better. In O-I we also like to integrate a lot after work for example in our social club called O-I Club, which you will not find in any other company. I am really glad to be part of OI and I believe that many good years are still coming for me and for O-I.