Online recruitment process

This company recruits online.

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ul. Baraniaka 6
61-131 Poznań
wielkopolskie, Polska
Phones: 61 271 06 55
[email protected]

NIP: 7822569787



After you apply, our Talent Acquisition Team will review your application and contact you if your profile matches the requirements for the role.


Phone Conversation

It’s a short phone conversation with one of O-I’s Talent Acquisition Specialist. Before the call, review some general information about the company and position you want to take.


Face-to-face Interview

Once your results are satisfying we will invite you for an interview so that we can meet in person, learn about your experience and further discuss about the position. First round interviews take place via Microsoft Teams or in our office and depending on the position applied for will include one of our tests (for example: Excel, language test, etc.). If necessary the additional interview will be scheduled. 



We will let you know about the final decision, whether the result is positive or negative. In case of a successful recruiting process with a positive feedback we will present you the offer.


Welcome to O-I!

After having received and discussed job offer and accepted it, you will be informed about your first day at work and our onboarding process. From the very first day of your employment, you will take part in dedicated trainings. 

For any additional information, please visit our website: or reach out directly to our recruiting team at: [email protected]



  • Preparation is key to a successful interview! 

Make sure your CV is up to date and you know it very well. Remember, the more prepared you are, the more confident you'll come across.

  • Check out the information about company you're being interviewed.

Make sure you understand brand and product.

  • Be on time.

Yes, it sounds an obvious one but you'll be surprised how many candidates end up being late or turn up far too early.  Always, try to make sure that you turn up 5 -10 minutes early for the interview. If you are running late please let us know.

  • Tell me about yourself.

This is one of the most popular asked questions at an interview.  Make sure you can relax and confidently talk about your education, career history and biggest achievements to date.

  • Don't be afraid to ask your own questions

It's important that you make sure that the company, and job, is right for you.  Make sure you have a few questions written down and you're ready to ask.