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ul. Baraniaka 6
61-131 Poznań
wielkopolskie, Polska
Phones: 61 271 06 55
[email protected]

NIP: 7822569787


Glass is more relevant than ever – it is premium, beautiful, pure, recyclable and it creates a sensorial, emotional connection between brands and consumers.

We’re proud to say we make more of this beautifully versatile material than any other glass bottle or jar producer in the world.


The heart of our company is our employees and in O-I GBS we do our best to make sure that our employees feel appreciated and engaged. In O-I GBS we organize a lot of events such as summer gatherings, Christmas parties, football tournaments, which help our employees to get to know better and integrate. In our company we also support  talents of our employees e.g. we have our own O-I GBS music band or we organized a photography exhibition for one of our employees.