Online recruitment process

This company recruits online.

Contact details

Newell Poland Services Sp. z o.o.

Plac Andersa 7
61-894 Poznań
wielkopolskie, Polska

NIP: 7830000547


Application review

We thoroughly review all applications we receive in order to select those which most closely align with our requirements.

Since development of our employees is important to us, recruitment processes are led internally at the same time.


Phone interview and language check

If you are selected to this stage, you will be invited for a short phone call with our in-house recruiter. The call will be led in English to evaluate your speaking and listening skills in this language. We will also ask you questions about your motivation and professional experience.

If you are a graduate you will be asked about your extracurricular activities.

At this stage you will learn more about our company, the position and further details of the recruitment process. You will also have a chance to share your expectations and ask questions.

To check your fluency in other languages than English, we will organize for you a 10-min. phone call with an appropriate native speaker.


After positive result of the second stage you will be invited to come to our office for an in-person interview. If that’s not possible, we will organize a video interview.

The aim of the in-person interview is:

  • to provide you with more detailed information about the role,
  • to learn more about your qualifications and professional experience,
  • to answer your questions.

Depending on the role, this meeting might include a short, written assignment in a foreign language.


Information about result of the recruitment process

If the final result of the recruitment process is positive, we will inform you about it by phone and extend an offer verbally. Once you accept it, we will send you confirmation via email and the HR team will guide you through the process of employment.


We respect your time taken to participate in our recruitment process and would like to make this experience as valuable for you as possible. Therefore, all candidates who have been invited for interviews receive information (positive or negative) about result of each and every step of the recruitment process.