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Miele Global Services Sp. z o. o.

ul. Pastelowa 6
60-198 Poznań
wielkopolskie, Polska
[email protected]

NIP: 5252802150


So you would like to apply for one of our positions and you are wondering how the process looks like? Let us guide you from the beginning!

Remember: Each recruitment process can be slightly different, depending on the needs of hiring managers and recruitment team. The Recruiter will be able to provide you with details regarding any particular recruitment process during your first conversation.



Before applying please make sure that:

  • your resume is in English – this is our language of internal communication;
  • you have double-checked all the contact details - is your phone number correct? Have you written down the email address with no spelling errors? Mistakes can happen to anyone, so make sure we are able to reach you;
  • you have enclosed the personal data processing agreement at the bottom of your CV – without this clause, we are unable to use your CV in our recruitment process;
  • you have found out something more about our company. How can you connect your personality with our values?

Ok, ready? Set? Apply!



Your resume has landed safely in our system and now you are wondering what is happening with your application? After our Recruiter will review your resume he/she will either decide to pass on your application to the Hiring Manager (your potential supervisor) or to keep it for the future. However, what is the most important during the stage of resume review?

  • Your fit for the position – experience and educational background.
  • The integrity of your resume – are there any contradictions? Does it look like a reliable story of your career?

If the Hiring Manager decides that you are well-suited for the position, we will invite you for an interview!



The first stage of the interview will be a meeting with the Recruiter and (in most cases) with the Team Leader as well. Regardless of what is the case, you can use all of these clues:

  • Avoid arriving for the meeting at the last minute – traffic, internet connection, public transport – all of those can fail you sometimes.
  • Dress appropriately – business casual will be perfect.
  • Prepare for the interview – read the job description carefully, learn something about the company and think about the questions which are important for you.

In case of two-stage recruitment process, the Recruiter at this point will decide whether to pass your application to the Hiring Manager and schedule second interview. In case of a one-stage recruitment process that will be the time the Recruiter makes a decision!



In case of a two-stage recruitment process, we will schedule the meeting with your potential supervisor. The Hiring Manager is usually more focused on your hard skills than the Recruiter, so you can expect more specific questions related to your professional experience.

If we like how you presented yourself during the interview(s) we will make you an offer, whilst also taking into consideration your financial expectations, obviously. The Recruiter will call you and send you a letter of intent to confirm our offer.



Congratulations! You have become the member of the Miele family! After our HR Department will contact you regarding pre-employement details, you will participate in individually-crafted onboarding process which will start your journey with Miele :)