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Marsh McLennan

Prosta 68
00-838 Warszawa
mazowieckie, Polska

NIP: 527- 28-22-457

Dodatkowe lokalizacje:

MMC Group Services

Al. Jerozolimskie 98
NIP: 527- 28-22-457
00-807 Warszawa
mazowieckie, Polska


Private medical care

MMC Group Services finances medical care for both employees and their family members, in the basic option. Deciding on additional financing, you can extend this package with rehabilitation, dentistry and hospital treatment, respectively.

Language course

This benefit allows you to develop and learn a foreign language depending on your level of proficiency. Lessons take place in small groups in our office, so you do not have to go anywhere .

Multisport card

Take care of your physical condition and join the program implemented by the Benefit System. As part of the package, we have unlimited access to sports facilities, gyms, fitness clubs, etc. throughout the country.

Group life insurance in Generali

Feel safe! As a new employee of MMC Group Services, you have the option of joining group life insurance. The basic package - as part of the main insurance - is 100% sponsored by the Company.

Lunch Card - Ticket Restaurant

It is a pre-paid card, operating in the Master Card system. Every month, the Employer top-ups your card for an initial amount of PLN 190. You can pay it in restaurants, cafes, bars.

Volunteer Match

Colleagues from the entire MMC group are heavily involved in CSR activities. For this reason, the MMC group offers its employees one paid day off a year, which can be entirely used for charitable activities.

Sweet-Salty Monday

Action in the field of CSR involving the sale of cakes to employees of the MMC group self-baked by the other employees of the group. The funds collected are allocated to various charities or to people in need.

Company event

Integration with other MMC Group Services employees at annual carnival party, usually with a specific theme.

Social Benefits Fund

All employees have access to a wide range of benefits from the Company Social Benefits Fund.