Online recruitment process

This company recruits online.

Contact details

KMD Poland Sp. z o.o.

Inflancka 4/a
00-189 Warszawa
mazowieckie, Polska
Phones: +48 22 210 66 10

NIP: 5252591003

Recruitment process

Our recruiter will contact you, if your resume meets the necessary criteria for the particular position. You will take part in a short telephone screening, when you will be asked basic questions related to your motivation to join KMD Poland, your experience and preferred roles, your technology skillset and profile (if you are e.g. more full-stack, back-end or maybe front-end .NET/JAVA/ABAP Developer etc.). We’ll also check your English knowledge and fluency, ask about your availability and financial expectations.



You can apply for all openings in KMD Poland on our career site:


Telephone screening

If you meet the key requirements of the role, the next step will be a phone interview. Our recruiter will reach out to you to discuss your professional background, experience, career development goals and financial expectations. We will also verify English language skills declared in your application.



Selected candidates will have an interview with a hiring manager, recruiter and a technical expert. Depending on the role and the project, you can expect maximum two interview meetings, in specific situations (for example managerial roles) it can be three. However we always aim to run the whole process as fast and flexible possible (but with no compromise on the quality) 😊

During the interview we will provide you with all information regarding the project and the role. You will be also asked questions regarding your experience, technical knowledge and soft-skills. We would like to get to know how you work on basis of specific example from you daily work.



Be prepared to receive feedback as soon as possible. If it is positive, we will contact you with an offer.