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Infopulse Poland

Adgar Park West
al. Jerozolimskie 181
02-222 Warsaw
mazowieckie, Polska

NIP: 39116347


Opportunities for employee’s growth and development

Activities that increase awareness and help to express identity, develop talents and potential are covered at the Company's expense.

Flexible schedule and remote work

Flexible hours and possibility to work remotely enable to make  individual convenient schedule and work wherever the employee wants

Glasses co-financing

The Company pays for employee's glasses

English lessons reimbursement

The company covers the cost of employee's English lessons

Sport compensation

The Company compensates employee's sport activities

Private medical care

The company covers healthcare and medical services expenses  that differ from those provided by the state

Additional Payment for time-off

The pool of individual sick days, vacations and time-off that can be used on employee's demand

Maternity Leave Program

A granted period of partially paid  absence from job to a mother during her pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium.

Working Mothers/Fathers and Students Programs

The company guarantees social benefits for working parents and students