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Hyundai Engineering creates Best Value based on Best Quality and Best Services

As a leading company in environment-friendly engineering, we are committed to customer satisfaction using top technology. At Hyundai Engineering, we work diligently to enhance quality of life for all by providing engineering solutions in a range of fields, including the process plant, power & energy plant, infrastructure and environmental sectors. With our many years of experience, outstanding technologies and talents as our foundation, we are expanding our fields to construction, housing and renewable energy to create higher customer value.

Hyundai Engineering Co., Ltd. - Polimery Police Project

Hyundai Engineering will build the first in Poland petrochemical complex producing polypropylene, which will be built in Police.  The investment will be built on the area of Grupa Azoty in Police. The contract amounts to 1 billion Euro.

The polypropylene produced by the company is to go entirely to the Polish market, this means that in a few years Poland could be entirely  self-sufficient in terms of this product. Polypropylene is used in the automotive and food industries the new petrochemical complex will consist of: propane dehydrogenation installation (PDH installation), polypropylene production installation (PP installation), packaging system, storage, logistics and forwarding of polypropylene, as well as auxiliary installations with interconnections and a transshipment and storage terminal including port equipment for unloading and storing propane and ethylene from sea-going vessels.

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