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About us

We’re obsessed with building advanced products and systems that are used by millions of people worldwide every week – and we’re pretty proud of that. Our systems are highly reliable and resilient with low latency. In fact, it is similar to the transactional systems big banks might use, but we think it’s a bit more fun here at William Hill.

We process as many online sportsbook bets per second on a typical Saturday as Amazon UK on its busiest day of the year and we deliver complex systems in a highly-regulated environment, yet one that prides itself on innovation and customer interaction.

We’re embracing a DevOps culture already, having used Agile at Scale for many years before. All teams collaborate with the Product organization and work in self-organizing configurations that enable them to overcome implementation difficulties with ease.

What we do

Working in an industry that connects sport, tech and entertainment is pretty exciting! Whether you’re a backend developer processing 160TB of data daily to a QA engineer or a front-end developer keeping track of all the new JS frameworks – there’s actually something for everyone here.

Meet our teams at Grand Parade


International channel focuses on non-UK markets offering a full portfolio of betting products including sports, gaming and all supportive systems.

Our products serve customers from Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Greece, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Chile and Peru - new countries are coming!

We not only support customers abroad, we are a truly multinational team as well, connecting every day from Poland, the UK, Malta, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Gibraltar.
No matter if you are a Sportsbook fan, want to play a game or even want to delve into the account management system, you'll find it all in International, with a variety of supporting technologies.

With the help of OKRs, DevOps culture in cross-functional teams and continuous improvements we stay on top of the things and we know where we are heading.


The Sportsbook technology organization has the longest heritage in William Hill and is the cornerstone of the company’s activity. Our mission is to provide the whole world with the most engaging experience around betting on sports events and competitions happening every day. Our online line-up of products offers a seamless experience for players by merging the best web-based application design and architecture with state-of-the-art transaction processing to create a cohesive, resilient and exciting journey for our customers.

The global technical team includes over 100 young and extremely smart engineers, working across thirteen teams spread between our Gibraltar, Krakow and Leeds offices. The platform we’re developing regularly processes in excess of 12.000 transactions every minute, and with an operational target this high, we always need to come up with innovative engineering solutions, while keeping the workload efficient across teams.

We also operate across three different continents, with complex legal and user requirements, which means everything we create has to be flexible, configurable and backwards compatible while keeping everything lean and ready for loading on any device in record time.


The Gaming channel is committed to the development of fully reliable services for the best possible online entertainment.

We are passionate about delivering customers with personalized and emotional gaming experience. We are proud to cooperate together with world-leading game providers to offer the full spectrum of premium gaming products. Our team is a diverse collection of talented Back-end, Front-end, QA and Cloud engineers working together in a DevOps culture with a Disciplined Agile approach. We are focused on continuous improvement based on technical KPI’s like TTI or Speed Index.


MTT is a platform of platforms. Integration of the best technology to enable the best products at the right time. MTT will deliver an exceptional customer experience by building in enabling services from the start.

We are at the beginning of a long journey designing, prototyping and implementing a portable, scalable and fully adaptive toolkit for an International Betting and Gaming Platform. In cross-functional teams (front-end developers, back-end developers, QAs, DevOps and dedicated architects) we are building a customizable and extensible product, which can easily be adapted to new markets.

Customer Engagement Team

Customer Engagement builds key capabilities to support our customer around sports betting and gaming experiences offered by William Hill.

We focus on a customer account, its safety and up to date information about its current status. We build secure authentication and authorization features. We focus on appealing, efficient and a safe onboarding process which starts from marketing and promotions features, through user-friendly registration process up until deposit. Our solutions integrate numerous 3rd parties to provide reliable and compliant services to our customers. This also includes building a brand new payment platform to offer our customers a variety of choices around payment methods. Responsible gambling is at the heart of everything we do. The team provides numerous features to protect the customer. Our solutions also integrate also with local regulators to keep our customers safe on our sites.


Trading is the heart of the company. We create events, markets, selections or generate them based on 3rd party feed providers.

Our job is to make Traders life easier by giving them the best possible solutions to improve their routine tasks and allow them to be more efficient.

Trading teams in Krakow are working on two big platforms: Trading Automation Platform (TAP) and Global Trading Platform (GTP). Those two platforms are built on many microservices. Teams are currently working on improving the performance of GTP and introducing new functionalities to TAP. These aim to expand William Hill’s customer base in the USA.

Our teams are passionate about quality code, test coverage and usage of well-known technologies. On each of our projects, we want to outdo ourselves. We are open for anyone who shares our passion for creating scalable and reusable APIs. We fight to shave off every millisecond from our API responses.

Data Management Team

Our goal is to help people make better decisions based on data, which is why we are evolving the development of existing warehouse solutions used by financial, regulatory and compliance teams, as well as building a Smart Big Data platform from scratch.

The new Smart Big Data platform will consist of fast data streaming, processing terabytes of data in-flight, multiple decision-making algorithms with the use of logical reasoning, machine learning and artificial intelligence (e.g. digital assistant), all in order to go one better for our customers through delivering a safe, fun and engaging environment.

Our data engineering teams together with data scientists are working on advanced systems capable of collecting and processing huge amounts of data, finding patterns, reasoning and acting faster than humans by using machine learning algorithms that can incrementally get smarter each time new data enters the system.

We are a group of people passionate about the science 'behind the bet', always outcome-oriented and focused on solving real-world problems based on data and advanced analytics.

We have a busy and ambitious schedule over the coming weeks and months to rapidly learn, proof and build a new Near Real-Time Big Data Platform. We aim to support the wide range of business use-cases and power our marketing and CRM, responsible gambling, customer support and fraud detection, as well as personalised customer experience and engagement.

IT Operations 

Represented in Kraków by a wide variety of teams responsible for both internal and external user support, as well as service and infrastructure management, plus security.

We support William Hill’s applications with 24/7 issue detection, analysis and resolution. We are involved in the facilitation of software releases through pre-production environments and into live. We make sure our coworkers’ hardware and company software work flawlessly. We manage the company’s highly scalable and flexible cloud platform. For security, we watch over compliance, risk assessment, identification and resolution of incidents and the development of security tools.


InfoSec allows the right level of security for the company’s Information to be achieved by all relevant parties. It consists of the following IT Security teams:

Governance, risk and compliance - provides "tools" like Policy, Standards and a Risk Process, supported by Awareness and education activities

Security Operations - assesses, monitors and defends enterprise information systems

Security Engineering - builds and maintains the tools and platforms used by Operations

Enterprise Security Architecture - ensures that business strategy and IT security are aligned

Application Security - builds and maintains the tools and platforms that enable security testing capabilities that together ensure a complete, consistent, effective and cost-effective security solution.

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