Contact details

Fujitsu Technology Solutions Sp. z o.o.

Składowa 35
90-127 Łódź
mazowieckie, Polska

NIP: 1132172342

Other locations

Textorial Park

ul. Fabryczna 17
90-344 Łódź
łódzkie, Polska

University Business Park

ul. Wólczańska 178
90-530 Łódź
łódzkie, Polska

Nowa Fabryczna

ul. Składowa 35
90-127 Łódź
łódzkie, Polska


Aleja Roździeńskiego 1
40-202 Katowice
śląskie, Polska


  • company events such as picnics and Christmas parties
  • relaxation zones and social areas in the workplace
  • cinema tickets, internal contests
  • discounts for Fujitsu employees in selected venues in Łódź
  • CSR programs, initiatives and activities in areas such as environmental commitment, employee relations and wellbeing, community involvement, diversity & inclusion


  • attractive locations in Łódź and Katowice
  • flexibility and home office for selected positions
  • social fund
  • hot and cold beverages


  • medical care
  • fresh fruit
  • cafeteria benefit system e.g. sports activities
  • Fujitsu sports teams like Running Team or Cycling Team