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Fujitsu Technology Solutions Sp. z o.o.

Jutrzenki 137
02-231 Warszawa
łódzkie, Polska

NIP: 1132172342

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University Business Park

ul. Wólczańska 178
90-530 Łódź
łódzkie, Polska

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ul. Składowa 35
90-127 Łódź
łódzkie, Polska


Since eight out of ten of our employees would recommend working at Fujitsu to their friends, you might have heard some good things about us. You might not know it yet, but we believe that Fujitsu could well be your employer.

We know what you expect: attractive salary and benefits, appreciation of your work, friendly atmosphere, development opportunities and training, the chance to acquire further professional skills, a change of department or scope, when you feel the need. And of course job security.

You have this all at your fingertips – you will find it at Fujitsu. And when we say this, we really do mean it.

Do you need proof?

  • 8/10 of our employees would recommend working at Fujitsu to their friends
  • 1083 awards have been given to our employees in 2016
  • 15 months - the average time it takes to receive your first promotion
  • More than 3 000 online and offline training sessions have been available to our employees
  • Almost 99% of our employees sign a long-term contract
  • 500kg of fruit is delivered to our team every week
  • More than 20 programming languages are used in Fujitsu
  • More than 40 nationalities are represented in our workforce


Remote Infrastructure Management: Work- life balance in IT. Delivered.

Our engineers work with the biggest clients, obtain certificates not only in Poland, but also abroad, i.e. in Germany. And when they want to take a break, they play games on PlayStation. While some people think that there is no better place to work, we are still trying to improve it!

Research and Development: Here you can rule in IT.

Our R&D engineers create Fujitsu software products, solutions and technologies in such domain groups as servers, storages, security, cloud technology, IoT, Augmented Reality, Automation and a broad range of Business Applications. If you want to be a part of a dynamic, creative and vibrant environment – no matter if you are on the starting line or already years in R&D - come and join us! 

EMEIA Finance Services: Join finance champions league!

A number of complex Finance and Supply Chain processes executed from the beginning till the end in just one company. We also engage in series of both regular and spontaneous CSR activities – supporting those in need. Finance Services employees are very eager to participate in various actions that make the great atmosphere in our Center, e.g. Appreciation Day, Kids in the Office, sports events. They also have the opportunity to develop and learn on daily basis and obtain international finance certificates.

Service Management: If you want to steer, you have to grab the steering wheel.

Service Management stands for close and continuous cooperation with the client. On a daily basis we manage service catalogue, service delivery, incident, directory services, problem, change, and knowledge for the biggest companies on the European market. People are our most important assets - both customers and colleagues. The possibility to work from home and business travel is just the icing on the cake.

Service Desk: Room for personal growth.

You know languages and you’d like to work and study at the same time? You’d like to start a career in IT but you lack experience? Join us and see how much you can learn! Remember that half of Service Desk managers started as Service Desk Agents.


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