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Franklin Templeton

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61-579 Poznań
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Franklin Templeton

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Online Recruitment

To ensure the safety of our employees and candidates, we conduct all recruitment processes remotely. As a candidate you can expect direct contact via phone and e-mail, and an interview scheduled in a form of a videoconference call. Our Recruiters stay in touch with you to update you on the process and answer any questions you may have, and our HR Specialists conduct test calls and resolve any technical issues to make sure the whole process goes smoothly.

Working from Home

Working remotely is nothing new for most of our organization, but we have certainly taken it to a new level since the outbreak of COVID-19.  Over 95% of our global staff has shifted to working from home. Our work-from-home policy has just been extended until June 2021. However, we remain committed to a flexible work culture which means that you might come to the office if you prefer this option. Poznan site is open.

Prioritize Well-Being

Working from home during a period of crisis poses new challenges to our well-being.

We have collected a variety of resources and tools to support our employees and their loved ones. They can choose what works best for them – listen to a podcast, read an article, watch a video, learn from a webinar.  We also encourage our employees to use some of their vacation and leave time. Even a day off when you unplug and get away from work can help you feel better.

Remote onboarding

We have implemented a fully remote onboarding process to help new employees virtually settle in. To maintain their safety, all the necessary documents and equipment are shipped directly to their home.

During the first day, there are several activities planned for a new hire such as Health and Safety training, online meeting with the team and much more. Newbies can also take a virtual tour and see all the benefits of our modern office.