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Franklin Templeton

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61-579 Poznań
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Franklin Templeton

Rondo ONZ 1
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We run internships throughout the year. Our internship lasts for the minimum of six months and is paid. You become a part of a big and dynamic international organization. Internship always begins with orientation and training, so don’t worry about being thrown into the deep end. Expect it to be exciting!

After completing the internship, you may wish to develop further in your team or apply internally for an internship or a permanent role in another business unit. Your internship might be just the start of your career with us.

We would like to support you in your career progression.


  • You will gain an in-depth insight into business and working with different teams worldwide.
  • You will learn new skills and develop your business knowledge as well as confidence.
  • You will get excellent networking opportunities.
  • You will gain a deep understanding of working in an international environment on a daily basis.


  1. Who can apply?
    The basic requirements are a valid student status, at least a communicative knowledge of English and availability to work 25/30 hours/week. Good communication skills, motivation and willingness to learn are also highly demanded. Apart from that, some of our internships may need some specific technical skills.
  2. How do I apply?
    Please go to Job Search on our career website at and look through the internships available. When you have found one that you like, simply log in and leave your CV. Don’t be afraid that you are not qualified enough. Now is your chance to learn! Previous professional business experience is nice to have but not necessary. Please remember that your academic activity (e.g. student research groups), international experience (e.g., Erasmus), involvement in diverse projects (e.g., volunteer work) as well as personal achievements also matter!
  3. What the interviewing process look like?
    It depends on the department. Usually there is one interview (HR + your future supervisor) and quite often a test (e.g. Excel).
  4. How much time would I have to give?
    Each internship contract is six months long and can be extended.
  5. Will I be paid?
    Yes, our Interns are paid hourly for hours actually worked.
  6. I am staying in Poland on a temporary basis. Can I still apply?
    If you are from outside the EU, you will be asked to present a valid visa or other documentation that entitles you to reside and work in Poland. However, please note the ideal situation for us is when a candidate has aspirations for a permanent placement. Most of our interns become full-time employees after completion of their internship.