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Franklin Templeton

Przemysłowa 3
(budynek B)
61-579 Poznań
wielkopolskie, Polska

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Franklin Templeton

Rondo ONZ 1
00-124 Warszawa
mazowieckie, Polska


Franklin Resources, Inc. is a global investment organization operating as Franklin Templeton. Our headquarters is located south of San Francisco, in San Mateo, California.

We have offices in 34 countries around the world, offer investment solutions and services in more than 160 countries, and maintain 250,000 advisor relationships. We have been present in the Polish market since 1997 when we established our Warsaw branch acting as a regional office for Central and Eastern Europe. Franklin Templeton also has a branch in Poznan, operating as a global service center.


We have been present in the Polish market for almost 20 years since we established our Warsaw branch acting as a regional office for Central and Eastern Europe. In Poland, we have two offices in two cities – in Warsaw and in Poznan.

In 2007, we opened the first office in Poznan; the office was located in the city center in the Andersia Tower. Recently we moved to our brand-new, collaborative office in Nowy Rynek. Five floors, 1,250 desks, 27 conference rooms, game rooms, coffee rooms and lounges, auditorium, rooftop terrace, our own canteen and onsite childcare facility run by KIDS&Co are just a few features that the new office offers to Poznan employees.

Currently, we have 1,000+ people with various professional background and experience and we are still growing.


Each office globally has its unique identity, but we share common values and focus. Our strength comes from the ability to tap into our team’s varying talents, backgrounds and perspectives. We aim high and work hard, achieving excellence across the board.

Our core values reflect what is most important to us as a company. They are the ideas that guide us in how we do business, how we treat our clients, and how we work with each other.

  • Put clients first. We strive to know and meet our clients' needs, and we fully accept our fiduciary responsibility to protect shareholders' interests.
  • Build relationships. We work to establish enduring relationships with our clients and business partners. We value collaboration and cooperation in our workplaces.
  • Achieve quality results. We value professional excellence and expertise, and we work together to produce consistent, competitive results for our clients.
  • Work with integrity. We speak and act in an honest manner. We believe in being accountable for the impact we have on others.

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