Online recruitment process

This company recruits online.

Contact details

Factor Law Sp. z o. o.

Kazimierza Wielkiego 3
50-077 Wrocław
dolnośląskie, Polska

NIP: 8971800919

Review Applications

Apply for one of our open vacancies by sending your resume in English. You will be directed to our recruitment website – ADP. Just simply follow the steps and click submit at the end. 

After you apply, our Recruitment Team will review your application and contact you if your profile matches the requirements for the role.


Phone Interview/Initial Screening

Now is the time for us to get to know each other. For this reason, we have a screening interview. It’s where we would like to hear about your motivations, prior experiences, find out what your hobbies are, and how you would like to grow. It’s also the space for you to ask any questions, so you have a better understanding of who we are. 


Language Test

Now it's your turn to complete the language tests within the time limit specified by the Recruiter. Do your best! 


On-site/Video Interview

If your candidacy suits our needs, we'll invite you to a meeting attended by an HR representative and your future supervisor. You receive an e-mail confirmation with the agreed date and meeting place. It mostly takes place in our office in Wrocław  but it depends on the situation. Sometimes we do it remotely using Teams Application. We'll talk about your past experience and introduce you to the company and tell you about your position and working conditions. Depending on the position you may be asked to solve a case study.  In the case of the Senior role (e.g. Manager) the recruitment process can be extended by additional stages.


Final Feedback

Every applicant is informed within two weeks about the final decision, no matter if it was positive or negative. 

If we consider your application positively, then the next step is to define and agree all employment conditions and sign the contract.