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EY Global Delivery Services Poland

ul. Sucha 2
50-086 Wrocław
dolnośląskie, Polska

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EY Global Delivery Services Poland

ul. Przyokopowa 26
01-208 Warszawa
mazowieckie, Polska

About us

We build a better working world

How? EY Global Delivery Services (GDS) is a network of EY competency service centers located in five countries: Poland, India, China, Argentina and the Philippines from where our specialists support internal and external clients from all around the world.

From the centers located in Wroclaw and Warsaw, we provide services in 6 areas. They include:

  • Finance – market analysis and accounting services
  • IT – programming, product development, project management, robotics and cybersecurity
  • HR – human resources services for customers
  • Strategic business services – marketing support and risk management
  • Business research – knowledge management and business development

The diversity of services, projects and backgrounds result in a dynamic, multicultural and inclusive work environment. If you feel that it sounds like the right place to be – check it out.


Because we provide work stability and various development opportunities. By joining one of our projects, you can use not only your language skills but also professional insights. That way you can stick to what drives you most.

At EY GDS Poland we also believe that knowledge, experience and commitment can change the world around us. This is why, we assist our partners in bringing out the full potential of their organizations, in functioning in the markets of the ever-changing world and in building trust-based relationships with our clients.

By working with us you will accelerate your career, gather experience or find a new path for development. Check out our job offers at EY GDS Poland.

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