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Euroclear Bank Oddział w Polsce

Puszkarska 7h
(budynek G)
30-644 Kraków
małopolskie, Polska

NIP: 5263089419

Meet Us

Whenever a deal is closed, Euroclear comes in. We settle transactions for the world’s leading financial institutions. Our people ensure that large amounts of money and securities travel around the world safely. Quite the challenge, but we get a lot in return, mainly the satisfaction of working in a flexible environment full of learning opportunities. All of this in a vibrant international atmosphere that mixes finance with fun. Sounds like a fair deal? Then be part of it!

Our values

Our corporate values are encapsulated in the word REACH: this is about stretching ourselves, going the extra mile, excelling at what we do. Reaching out also means extending our hand; reaching out to others, breaking down the silos to be the best we can together.


Our diversity stimulates thinking and creativity. We treat each other with respect and trust. We listen to clients and colleagues. We express and consider dissenting views.


We do only what matters for clients and adds value to the company. We use our resources and each other’s time efficiently.


Over and above our personal contributions, we are committed to the end result and take the initiative to do what is needed. We do what we say. At all times, we are courageous and honest.

Client First

We are proud to provide the right solution for our clients. We are proud to deliver what we promise.


Across teams, divisions and locations, together we drive success by helping each other, learning from our mistakes and sharing ideas and solutions.

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