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Euroclear Bank

Puszkarska 7L/G
30-644 Kraków
małopolskie, Polska

NIP: 5263089419

Why join us?

Being part of Euroclear means being part of a vibrant, renowned, international organisation. We live our values and put people at the centre of everything we do.

Whenever a deal is closed, Euroclear comes in. When the financial market trades shares and bonds, it turns to Euroclear to settle the transactions. Our people ensure that large amounts of money and securities safely pass between buyers and sellers from all parts of the globe. It’s a challenging job, but also a rewarding one. We have a crucial role in the financial world. .

Our branch in Poland continues to hire professionals, graduates and students who have a chance to align growth in their careers with development of a global business like ours. A broad range of business disciplines and challenges, as well as client interaction opportunities are managed from our office, enabling you to continuously learn new skills and grow across the company.

Become part of our success

We are a people-oriented organisation with a renowned reputation in the global markets. As the trusted provider of post-trade services, Euroclear connects participants from across the globe and ensures the transfer of money and securities. Here, you can contribute to the world’s financial markets and achieve your personal and professional ambitions.

With over 3,800 people based around the world we have a culture of high performance and continuous development. Not only will you work at the heart of an international business: you will also be part of a vibrant and inspiring multicultural company where you can grow and thrive!

At Euroclear, teamwork is at the heart of everything we do. To promote openness and communication we have open offices, flexible desks, a collaborative online platform spread over 15 different locations and a casual dress code. We continuously strive to do things better but also inspire our people to make finance fun. Working together is winning together!

Our culture and values

Our corporate values are encapsulated in the word REACH: this is about stretching ourselves, going the extra mile, excelling at what we do. Reaching out also means extending our hand; reaching out to others, breaking down the silos to be the best we can together.

R - Respect. Our diversity stimulates thinking and creativity. We treat each other with respect and trust. We listen to clients and colleagues. We express and consider dissenting views.

E - Effective. We only do what matters for clients and adds value to the company. We use our resources and each other’s time efficiently.

A - Accountable. Over and above our personal contributions, we are committed to the end result and take the initiative to do what is needed. We do what we say. At all times, we are courageous and honest.

C - Client First. We are proud to provide the right solution for our clients. We are proud to deliver what we promise.

H - Helpful. Across teams, divisions and locations, together we drive success by helping each other, learning from our mistakes and sharing ideas and solutions.

Helping you grow

As an employer, we can only continue to be successful if our employees are. Your development is a joint responsibility: we will help you identify your development and career opportunities in the company. Career development discussions with your manager will help you think through your options, highlight development needs and how to address them. It’s up to you to make the most of your opportunities!

At Euroclear, we know that employees thrive when they are in an empowering and collaborative environment. This is why we encourage open and real conversations, and constructive, two-way feedback; we want our people to feel empowered to take initiative and apply their own judgment. This philosophy is embedded in our people management and coaching practices.

The Euroclear group organises 10,000 training days per year. Formats vary from classroom training to e-learning, giving you more flexibility to choose when and where you follow the training.

Exploring different roles in the course of your career is an excellent way to broaden and enrich your experience. Having members from different backgrounds within the company makes teams stronger and helps break down silos. For these reasons, we have a culture of encouraging internal mobility at Euroclear. Last year, 10% of our employees changed functions within the company.

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