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ul. Łużycka 6e
81-537 Gdynia
pomorskie, Polska

NIP: 583-000-94-58

Róża, Training Coordinator, HR

Meet Róża - a dedicated mother, training coordinator and the best team player ever!She is always there for colleagues from around the globe, providing a helping hand and sharing her knowledge.

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Rafał, Support Analyst, IT

This is Rafał - a runner, passionate learner and our IT Support Analyst.  When asked why he loves his job, he replies: - Because I’m learning something new every day!  

At DNV Shared Services he found his first serious job. After starting in Finance and spending over a year there, he decided to seek a position more suited to his interests... so he had an honest talk with his manager which resulted in an interesting career twist.  

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Sometimes you need to travel more than ten thousand kilometres to find what you value the most. Just like Rafael did.

Always smiling, he is personification of a great atmosphere, plus he has a huge passion for IT. He moved out of Fortaleza in search of the right company for him and to provide a better life for his family. And he found this at DNV Shared Services in Gdynia. As an Oracle DBA, he takes care of the Oracle Business Suite.

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Bartek, Regional IT Manager

Bartek has started his career with us as one of the first colleagues in IT organization in Poland and over 10 years and several roles later he holds the position of Regional IT Manager for Poland & Eastern Europe.

If you ask him what kept him in the company for so long, he’ll answer: “Here I got the chance to develop, both as specialist and a leader. I’ve experienced here trust towards employees, openness, a sense of true ‘we’ culture, interesting tasks and at the same time stability.”

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Patryk, Interim Head of Section

Patryk has been with us for almost 3 years. Starting as Team Leader in Finance, he has recently taken on the position on Interim Head of Section Accounts Payable. What he appreciates is that he can always rely on the knowledge and support of the many inspiring leaders in the organization.

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