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ul. Łużycka 6e
81-537 Gdynia
pomorskie, Polska

NIP: 583-000-94-58

Safety first – home office mode

The safety of our employees and customers is a top priority for DNV. We have been closely monitoring the situation with COVID-19 from the beginning and our Crisis Team took appropriate actions to keep our employees safe. In the middle of March all employees in Poland have switched to remote work from home. To help them arrange comfortable conditions, we’ve given them the possibility to take home their office chair or a monitor to their laptop – and many of them did 😊

This is how we work

We miss the everyday contact but have found a way to stay connected – morning coffee with the team, exercising sessions in Teams or even meeting up for online games after work are just a few examples. We have also found that with everyone home, home-office is definitely not what it used to be, but we’re managing very well 😉

Back to office

Some have adapted quickly to the new way of working, others longed for the office to open again. Our recommendation is still to stay at home, but we also understand that some find it more effective to work from the office. Therefore, from the beginning of May we have slowly started our way back to the new normal and reopened our offices.

How are we keeping the office environment safe for our employees?

  • Minimizing the number of employees working from the office
  • Rearranged common spaces so that safe distance can be kept by employees
  • Regular disinfection of the office space
  • Protective shields installed at the reception
  • Posters reminding to keep the distance and practie good hygiene etiquette

Recruitment & onboarding processes – 100% remotely


Having everyone’s safety in mind, we are currently carrying out all job interviews online by use of video meetings in Microsoft Teams. The video option is as close as we can get to meeting face to face and the conversation is the same as during regular job interview – we’ll get to know you better and you’ll get the chance to ask us questions.

Have you received an invitation to an online job interview? Here are some tips from our Talent Acquisition Group Leader:

Online Onboarding

Our onboarding process is also carried out remotely. The documents and necessary office equipment are delivered to the employees’ homes by courier and all the introductory trainings are carried out via video meeting in Teams. Our new colleagues each get a buddy assigned to make sure they have a good start and always have someone to turn to for questions.

Based on the comments from our new joiners, the process goes smooth as silk – read more on our Facebook profile:

Building resilience

COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on our lives, both personal and professional. Worrying about our closest ones, struggling to navigate between work duties and taking care of our family ones – this is what we’ve suddenly had to deal with. Therefore, we’ve decided to adapt our wellbeing programme Energy for better life to the new situation and organized a series of webinars for our employees, helping them to build their resilience with topics like:

  • How to deal with stress and anxiety?
  • how to boost immunity system?
  • how to organize remote work?
  • Relaxation training

We've also launched a Mental Health Helpline providing a safe and professional place for psychological support in virtual space. The support line allows DNV employees to meet with mental health professionals to help solve crisis situations.

We help

Our purpose to safeguard life, property and environment sets the direction of our efforts to service not only our customers, but also the society at large. Therefore, DNV has donated RMB 1 million (app. 562.000 PLN) to a charity operating at the frontline of the fight against COVID-19 to help prevent the spread of disease. 

We also have some local activities. Instead of cancelling our fruit deliveries to the office, we’ve decided to send it to Szpitale Pomorskie. A small act of kindness both to the hospitals’ staff and patients, but also to Owoce Do Biura, which, like many other companies providing services, has been impacted by coronavirus. Read more:

We’re supporting hospitals by sending them personal protective equipment (masks, medical suits, face shields, disinfectant) Read more: