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Al. Jerozolimskie 123A
02-017 Warszawa
mazowieckie, Polska

NIP: 9512364589

Displate was founded in Poland in 2013.  We are a global e-commerce platform that offers content creators a new way of selling their designs, and where everybody comes for metal posters with graphics they love. We allow people to collect their passions!

Our mission

As an international marketplace, we gather more than 40 000 artists from all over the world and sell their designs (over 1,5 million of them!) as one-of-a-kind, magnet-mounted metal prints. Displate is home to everyone who lives and breathes a good design. Which is a whole lot of people – we’ve already sold 3 million posters and counting! 

Worldwide sales

We got more than 360 talented people working across all teams: our headquarters & manufacture in Warsaw, Poland, and our Austin branch in Texas, USA.
We cooperate with such big brands like Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, HearthStone (Blizzard) and recently with Witcher, GWENT and Cyberpunk 2077 (CD Projekt Red).

over 1,4 houses decorated

Our next step? To conquer the galaxy! Who’s in?

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