Online recruitment process

This company recruits online.

Contact details


Aleja Jana Pawła II 22
00-133 Warszawa
mazowieckie, Polska
Phones: +48 22 164 66 00
[email protected]

NIP: 5252244307

Recruitment process

At Demant we strive to have the most skilled specialists. Therefore, we trust each other to make the right decisions. This creates a culture in which we act and think freely, engage in open and honest dialogues and work in high performance teams. Empowerment is what makes us stay ahead of the game!

What are the features of our perfect employee?

  • Responsibility
  • Self-reliance
  • Courage to speak up
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Open-mindedness
  • Creativity
  • Friendliness

Being more specific we are looking for:

  • Software developers with knowledge of: C#, .NET, ASP.NET, MVC, WPF; Mobile Technologies: iOS, Android and Azure.
  • UX Designers, UI designers, Product Owners, Team Leaders, Business Analysts, Audiologists, Software Architects, iOS Developers, Quality Assurance Specialists, Testers.

It’s only four steps to do something meaningful:


Verification of application

While preparing your application, please remember to be clear and precise. We would like to know how you can contribute to our company.


Online SHL tests

We want to work with people who will fit in the company perfectly. We are looking for people who are smart, creative and self-reliant, but also for people who can work with others and be team-players and we will ask you to complete a personality questionnaire.


First meeting

This will be our first meeting in person – we want to talk about your qualifications, experience and ideas. Depending on the job position this meeting could include a technical test or a business case.


Second meeting

The second meeting is for us to get to know you better – it will be a final verification of a potential employee, but also a chance for more personal contact. We want to know more about the person we hire.