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DeLaval Operations Sp. z o.o.

Robotnicza 72
53-608 Wrocław
dolnośląskie, Polska

NIP: 8940006103

About Us Globally

We are a Swedish company involved in the manufacture of dedicated solutions for dairy farms all over the world. We have won the confidence of over one million customers whom we provide with integrated solutions, i.e. milking systems, animal feeding systems, farm maintenance and IT solutions for herd management. We also offer original spare parts and maintenance service for our machines and software.

We offer a choice that ensures high efficiency of work and profitability of the farm, as also animal welfare and food safety.

Our vision is to make sustainable food production possible and animal welfare. As a company built on innovation, we constantly work to find ways of helping our customers, dairy farmers, do more with less by providing world-leading milking equipment and solutions.

Today, DeLaval has approximately 4,500 passionate professionals operating in more than 100 markets around the world. DeLaval is part of the Tetra Laval Group. See more at

We have 19 factories localized mainly in Europe but also in China, the USA, Brazil and Argentina.

Our global head office located in Tumba, Sweden, holds our own farm – Hamra Farm – which is the innovation, testing and solutions demonstration center, and also a training center for our employees. Hamra Farm is one of the best Swedish dairy farms with an output of over 12,000 kg of milk per cow per year.

Reduce the environmental footprint of farms, while improving food production, farm profitability and the well-being of the people and animals involved. Our customers are professional food producers.

About Us Locally

We have been operating in Poland since 1991 with 4 production plants, 3 of which are located in our operational head office in Wroclaw and one in Dobre Miasto near Olsztyn. Our divisions and the elaborate structure reflect the wide range of products and solutions we offer to our customers.

We employ specialists in various areas of expertise, including those who know the specific features of our industry: production workers, chemists, constructors, mechanics, IT specialists and testers. In our everyday work each and every one of us makes every effort to contribute to the creation of innovative solutions improving our customers’ working comfort and having influence on the well-being of the animals.

Production in Poland

Our production plants in Poland are divided by product groups:

  • Milking systems production plant
  • Milk cooling and storage tanks production plant
  • Production plant dealing with detergents dedicated for the maintenance of cows and milking systems hygiene
  • Production plant dealing with systems and products improving animal feeding efficiency

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Development & Engineering

One of the key areas cooperating closely also with those located in Sweden, China, the US and New Zealand. It is staffed with, among others, automation, constructors, electricians, electronics and product owners who further develop our products and ensure proper technical and maintenance support to our customers.

Software Development

We cooperate with experienced IT engineers who apply various technologies, programing languages (C#, Java, JavaScript, C/C++, SQL and Python) and various platforms (Windows, Linux, Azure/AWS, BIOS). For those interested in the equipment, we avail of a lab where we can configure test platforms for our devices or directly test them.

Our teams work on the Agile methodology (Scrum and Kanban) thanks to which our products are of high quality, but also the very process of their production is constantly increasing its efficiency.

Being a part of our Software Development team, it is better not to be afraid of getting your hands dirty :)

Product Management & Development

This organization is responsible for development and managing milking products and milking systems. It is performed based on individual and aligned products development strategies.

Besides development of a new products very important is management of already existing systems.

As a result, we provide the highest quality range of assortment that we constantly maintain to meet customer expectations - our Managers, Product Specialists and Technical Specialists take care of it.


Since 2015 our Shared Services Centre has been providing DeLaval units in Europe with high quality support for all financial and accounting processes, i.e. Accounts Payable, Travel&Expenses, General Ledger and Financial Controlling,.

Sales and Service

Through our network of authorized DeLaval dealers we are offering professional services within the scope of assembly and maintenance of devices, as also trainings and counseling.

We are focused on the cooperation with authorized dealers who handle the sales, assembly and maintenance of devices and other products used for milk production.

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