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Mute. (Creative Design Group sp. z o.o. sp.k.)

Kielecka 23
02-550 Warszawa
mazowieckie, Polska
Phones: 0048 887 228 800
[email protected]

NIP: 5213723357

Who we are

Mute is an innovative furniture company founded in 2016 in Warsaw, Poland.

What we do? We invent, design, and manufacture best-in-market acoustic solutions for workspaces, like office pods, acoustic lighting, privacy screens, and sound absorbers. We believe in boosting #GoodWorkspaceEnergy through acoustic comfort and timeless design. Most importantly, along with a sales chain of 500 distributors worldwide, we inspire more companies to embrace that vision. So far, we have made our mark on more than 3600 offices in 32 countries and have reshaped the workspaces of companies like Netflix, Microsoft, Audi, and L’Oreal.

We are a tight-knit team of over 100 specialists in design, production, acoustics, logistics, marketing, sales and customer care, spread across two locations, Warsaw and Galew (near Turek). And we’re still growing.

While we take our work seriously, we love to have fun and laugh along the way. So, besides changing the future of modern workspaces, we arrange rooftop parties, summer picnics, and occasionally we draw graffiti on our office pods. Ready to join us?

Want to learn more about what we do every day? Read our blog, check us out on social, and immerse yourself in the world of Mute!


Mute HQ and home to our management, sales, customer care, and marketing departments. From here, we set strategies, connect with our clients and run marketing activities across several continents. Above all, it's also the place where the idea to produce the highest-quality acoustic solutions sprouted, and Mute was born.

What's inside? We've got great coffee, fresh fruits delivered every week, and a spacious terrace with a gorgeous view of the Warsaw’s skyline. We’re housed in a unique building that resembles a Byzantine temple, but with a 90s Polish architecture vibe.

Our headquarters is also our flagship showroom with a full range of our acoustic products including pods, lamps, and panels. This is the place where we organize trainings and host our distributors, and their clients. Because our office is so well equipped if any of us wants to focus or have a private conversation, there is a choice of cozy soundproofed shelters to seek peace and silence. If you are around, come and visit us on the 3rd floor, you’re always welcome!


This is where lots of magic happens. Here, we build from scratch all of our best-in-class office pods, acoustic lamps, and sound absorbers. All the processes that make our products so special take shape right there: designing, prototyping, testing, sewing, upholstery, assembling, and quality assurance.

It's also the main office of our R&D department, which designs, prototypes and creates new products. The sound lab is the center of it all, where our acoustic experts test products and prototypes to constantly improve their quality.

Finally, Galew is home to the back-office department, the beating heart of our organization, that takes care of the company so it can operate at its best. It includes HR, logistics, accountancy and IT.

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