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Duńska 11
54-427 Wrocław
dolnośląskie, Polska

NIP: 8943071259

Captor Therapeutics is a young biotech company focused on the development of degraders of difficult-to-drug molecular targets. A combined experience of the Captor's team will allow for the identification of first-in-class drug candidates in the treatment of oncology and chronic inflammation. 

We collaborate closely with renowned biology and chemistry experts from top American and European academic institutions. 

We are operating in the Wrocław Technological Park in state-of-the-art laboratories in Poland.


Flexible work schedules and employment conditions

Our employees can choose their working hours, starting anytime from 7 AM to 10 AM. Every employee is firstly offered a three-month trial period, followed by an employment contract for an indefinite duration with a competitive salary.

Friendly workplace environment 

Captor Therapeutics currently consists of more than 35 employees, creating young and enthusiastic team of scientist both at PhD and Masters level with experties in molecular biology and early stages of drug development, supported by experienced professionals. We encourage our employees to work, brainstorm and problem solve together.

We make sure that our staff feel welcome, respected and appreciated. Team outings and fun events are being frequently organised. We offer fresh fruits in break room for our workers to enjoy throughhout the day. For sport enthusiast we offer co-funding of the Multisport card.

Personal development 

Our company provides many development opportunities such as workshops, specific trainings and ability to participate in international conferences.


Captor Therapeutics is constantly seeking qualified employees. If you feel like embarking upon a rocket science drug discovery venture, you are fed up with academia and eager to solve all sort of problems on the fly, you will enjoy working with us. We are looking for people, who for the last couple of years performed various types of experiments, who knows how to fix technical problems and glitches, and who gladly shares her/his knowledge and experience with younger members of the team.

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