Contact details

Capita (Polska) Sp. z o.o.

Lubicz 23
31-503 KRAKÓW
małopolskie, Polska

NIP: 5252488222

Pozostałe lokalizacje

SouthWestern BPS Poland Sp z o.o., część Capita plc.

Pomorska 106
91-402 Łódź
łódzkie, Polska
Phones: +48 42 288 07 00


We are providing world class services, in both an insourced and an outsourced regimen.

In Cracow our local areas of expertise encompass IT, procurement, finance and accounting, insurance, employee benefits, HR administration, contract revision and legal, as well as customer services.
In Lodz our capabilities are developed to provide multilingual finance, accounting and customer services.

If you want to develop yourself in any of these business areas – even if you do not have an academic background or expertise in them - do send your CV to our Talent Acquisition team in:

Cracow: [email protected]
Lodz: [email protected]

The recruitment process consists of several stages:


Sending your application

The recruitment process starts when you send us your application. Your CV is reviewed by the Talent Acquisition Team, to evaluate your suitability for the proposed role.


Telephone interview with a recruiter

If you meet the job requirements, you can expect a call from Talent Acquisition Team. During the conversation we ask about your motivation to join Capita, areas of interests, your expertise, knowledge in the field which you applied for, development plans, availability and salary expectations.

We also assess your command of English against the level declared in your resume.


Language check

In Cracow you can expect an online language test which shows us what level of foreign language you possess. And, if the role requires it, you might need to complete a written assignment as well.

In Lodz you can expect a written task along with a telephone conversation in your language of choice.


Face to face interview with Supervisor

Selected candidates take part in an interview with the hiring manager, client representative or talent acquisition member.

Depending on the role applied for, this selection step can imply sitting an additional test to evaluate your job-related skills/practical abilities (through one of the following: case studies, numerical, analytical, and financial or accuracy exercises).

We ask about your background, check your expertise in the chosen field, and discuss in detail about your previous experiences – so be ready to give examples!

The goal of the interview is, also, to provide you with more information about Capita, as well as our diversity.  You can expect further details about: daily responsibilities, main tasks, team structure, or environment. Moreover, we give you the opportunity to ask all the questions you may have.

Depending on role, the recruitment process can be extended to additional stages.


The final decision

The Talent Acquisition Team will inform you about the final decision and the next steps of the process.

When extending an offer to our candidates, we look at a mix of factors: skills, experience, attitude, personality vis a vi the requirements of the role and the needs of the current team.

Thus, the most relevant candidates receive job offers.