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Przeskok 2
00-032 Warszawa
mazowieckie, Polska

NIP: 5223052410


From jobseekers to employers, we inspire everyone to go further, to reach higher and to do better. We provide online products, tools, guidance, and support to help everyone make their jobs, careers, and businesses better. We’re a tech company founded by two entrepreneurs passionate about helping people achieve their dreams. We stand together as a team empowering people to reach their professional aspirations. With our headquarters in Puerto Rico and offices in San Francisco and India and Poland, we’re a global organization on a path to change the career industry as we know it.
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Since we truly believe that anything is possible, BOLD designs, creates, and markets tools that help people find jobs, and help companies find and hire the best candidates. With multiple online destinations providing successful and effective products and services, we’re here to help jobseekers and companies at every step along the way—from creating a resume or job ad to the interview process, to the final offer.


We do it because it really matters. When people are fulfilled in their careers, they live happier lives. And we’re in the business of making a difference. Whether it’s helping someone find a job to pay their rent, or helping them find meaning in their career, we feel a real sense of accomplishment and pride with every BOLD success story

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