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BigPicture (previously SoftwarePlant)

Łopuszańska 95
02-457 Warszawa
mazowieckie, Polska

NIP: 534-250-63-20

Let’s Team Up!

Hi, we’re BigPicture (previously SoftwarePlant) the proud developers of one of the leading project management tools used by over 30 000 teams from companies worldwide. Our products are used by CEOs, Managers, Directors, and Project Managers of companies such as Netflix, NASA, Tesla, Apple, Uber, Samsung, Porsche, Siemens, Intel, Boeing, LG, and many more.

We’re always looking for talented people with a great deal of knowledge and a hands-on attitude, happy to actively participate in the process every step of the way: from bringing forward new ideas, through development and successful implementation, to ongoing maintenance.

When joining the BigPicture team, you can expect a tight-knit team, collaborative spirit, and the shared excitement of rolling up your sleeves and working toward something major together.

How we work

In Agile and Scrum we trust - we make sure to keep our sprints manageable and effective

Quality is everything - integration testing, Performance testing, Code Review, CI, DDD, TDD. We really take care of our code quality

Ownership - we want everyone on our team to feel empowered to grab the reins in their positions and help push the company forward

Our product, our deadlines - developing our own products allows us to set feasible deadlines and fully focus on code quality

Busy and creative - each week we release new features for our products. We never stop developing

A close-knit team - We work closely on the project, and we play hard after hours. We simply enjoy spending time together

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