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Bayer Service Center Gdańsk

Grunwaldzka 472a
80-236 Gdańsk
pomorskie, Polska

VIP Luxmed Package with dental Care

Health and well-being of our employees is of the highest importance to us. This is why medical insurance covers every employee (dental care included). The LuxMed package can be additionally used for other people (family members, friends, partners).

Life and travel insurance

All of our employees are coverd by life and travel insurance - including business and private trips.

Attractive salaries

Apart from basic monthly salary, yearly target bonus and a Christmas bonus is granted to employees.

Pension plan

There is an option to join an additional Pension plan to secure your future.

Trainings and language courses

We offer a great variety of trainings, both soft and technical skills. What is more, a large number of our employees uses our onsite language courses and improves their English or German skills. There also a possibility to finance or co-finance of post-graduate studies.

Transparent development and clear career path

Home office work possibility and flexible time

Thanks to our home office approach we smoothly adjusted to the new reality. Our employees are also welcome to plan their working hours considering the core working hours.

Office with conveniences

Room for working with your kid, relaxation room, creativity space and "fruity Wednesdays" plus great location of our office - easy accessible by tram, bus and SKM make it a perfect combination of workplace of your dreams.

Sports or Culture

In Bayer Service Center Gdansk you choose either to go for a Sports Card or Prepaid card that you can use to pay for cultural events, cinema and singular gym entries.