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Radzikowskiego 47D
31-315 Kraków
małopolskie, Polska

NIP: 6772280451

What makes our culture unique?


We have a strong technical mindset. At AVSystem we design awesome products and advanced solutions for leading telcos and Internet Service Providers around the world. We work with the best technology and engineers you can find around.

We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with fellow co-workers during regular in-house trainings, presentations and quarterly company-wide events. We are passionate about learning new things and using them to create great products. You can meet us at numerous conferences and events all over the world. Including these held locally, for example:MWC, Scala Days, Scalar, Geecon, NG Poland, KSUG etc.


We’re not tied up in complicated bureaucracy, there’s no strict order or rules. If you want to create something out of your own initiative, we’re perfectly fine with that. Actually, we maintain an open source web framework that was once initiated by one of our developers.

All of our products are developed by independent teams that have technical autonomy and real impact on the product and process. We don’t believe in micromanagement as we share a high sense of responsibility for what we do and how we do it.


AVSystem is all about people. We love to help each other, always having a bigger goal in mind - this is what makes AVSystem a great place to grow.

One of our key values is transparency - awareness of the whole process and of what other teams deal with, and how development combines with business.

Everyone at AVS can speak freely on any topic. We believe in open, uninhibited communication.


We believe that the work environment really matters. We appreciate individuality and wellbeing. There is no dress code, no open space, instead – fridges full of food and snacks.

You can count on a comfortable employment model - you choose your preferred type of agreement and working hours.