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Kraków Technology Park Building
ul. Michała Życzkowskiego 14
31-864 Kraków
małopolskie, Polska
Phones: +48 669 202 462
[email protected]

NIP: 9452189348

Creating solutions that scale

Appliscale is a software consultancy company, specializing in the design and development of highly scalable systems. We help businesses in the fields of Digital Transformation, Ad-Tech solutions, Cloud optimization, and Scalabillity.

We program, but we’re not programmed

Appliscale is not only about the software. Behind each piece of code, there is a real person. We believe in development. Not only of the solutions we provide, but also - the individuals creating our company. We do our best to help our colleagues grow and are happy to see them succeed. Michał, our CEO, is always the loudest one to clap his hands when someone gains a new certificate. We also love sharing our knowledge. In fact, every Friday we have an event dedicated specially to that.

A place where information flows

In other words - we are transparent. We believe proper communication and transparency are key factors in leading an organization. Our teams are constantly exchanging ideas, information, or updates within each other, and with clients.

We all create the project called Appliscale, and we want all of us to be involved. We believe in an engaging work environment where people can use their passions and develop their skills and interests.

Do it your way

We know that for every problem there are as many solutions, as there are heads thinking about it. And we trust you know the best way to do it, or at least - to know where to look for it… :) We give our engineers autonomy in writing code, and deciding which paths they want to undertake when facing challenges.