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Amway Business Services Center

Krakowska 280
32-080 Zabierzów
małopolskie, Polska


Apply for one of our open vacancies by sending your resume in English. You will be directed to our Amway recruitment website and you will be asked to fill short questionnaire.


Our Amway Recruitment Team review all coming applications and call selected candidates to have a short conversation in English. You may expect questions about your motivation, relevant experience as well as some specific questions depending on the role you apply for. For some roles we organize additional assessments like language & translation tests, analytical thinking tests, case studies.


At this stage, successful candidates meet with Hiring Manager and HR representative at our office. During interview we discuss your competencies and experience and how it fits the role we offer.


After the meeting, we always try to give you the decision feedback within 14 days regardless the outcome of the interview. If decision is positive you will receive a phone call from the Recruitment Team to hear about our job offer.


Welcome Onboard! First month you will participate in our Onboarding Program that allows you to learn more about our Amway company and meet your future team.