Online recruitment process

This company recruits online.

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Alcon Global Services

Marynarska 15
02-674 Warszawa
mazowieckie, Polska

NIP: 5271093105



You can search for career opportunities on our Careers site and apply online. Once you’re done applying, we’ll send you a message confirming that we’ve received your application. We’ll review your application and should you meet  the job requirements, we will invite you for a screening interview.


Screening Interview

A screening interview is conducted by a Talent Acquistion Partner to determine if you have the basic qualifications needed to do the job for which Alcon is hiring. A screening interview is the first interview in our hiring process and is typically done over the phone.


First interview

The first in-person job interview is a one-on-one interview between the applicant and a hiring manager. The interviewer will ask questions about your experience and skills, work history, availability, and the qualifications Alcon is seeking in the optimal candidate for the job. This interview is most often conducted via Webex as our hiring managers are located in the United States and other locations worldwide.


Second Interview

A second interview can be a more in-depth one-on-one interview with the person you originally interviewed with or it can be a panel interview that includes meetings with your prospective peers. You may meet with management, staff members, executives, and other company employees. Once you're scheduled for a second interview, you're most likely in serious contention for the job.


Background Check

You may receive a job offer contingent on a background check performed by a third party vendor. We usually conduct basic background checks aimed at confirming your identity.


Job Offer

When you have made it through the interview process, the final step will be a job offer. If you've been successful, we will reach out to you to present to you the job offer details. The formal offer letter will be also sent via e-mail after the call and will have conditions attached, so review the terms carefully. If the compensation package meets your expectations, you will be requested to accept the job offer in writing.