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AirHelp Poland sp. z o.o.

Al. Grunwaldzka 472C
80-309 Gdańsk
pomorskie, Polska

NIP: 9571077265

We’re an ambitious, born global and kickass startup on a mission to create something big. Develop your personal skills on projects that impact thousands of air passengers.

Let us show you what our AirHelpers have to say about:

Arkadiusz, Quality Assurance Specialist, talks about recruiting:

“The hiring process is very clear and to-be-employee friendly, I didn't find anything during this process that would be confusing or particularly stressful”

A few words from Jacek, Legal Assistant, about onboarding trainings:

“Now I am participating in training with my future team leader from legal team and all I can say - I want to help people more and more, due to all help which I received from trainers here”

Vira, Junior Air Claim specialist, mentions about the atmosphere:

“Working here is just awesome, You solve interesting cases, work with amazing, cheerful people. You work alone and at the same time in a team. The most important thing is that everybody helps you!”

Łukasz, Junior Air Claim Specialist, warmly shows his emotions during the interview.

“The interview went smooth, I felt so freely, that our quick talk went through subjects like my favourite guitarist, his career in Japan... I felt for the very first time, that someone really listens to me in terms of me as individual, not just if I am capable to do some repetitive tasks. You didn't let me wait and stress out. I felt very comfortable, and this is the crucial point of the recruitment process.”