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AirHelp Poland

Al. Grunwaldzka 472C
80-309 Gdańsk
pomorskie, Polska

NIP: 9571077265

Jan, Air Claim Specialist in Operations

I like my job in AirHelp as I am able to join work with my passion. I develop my language skills everyday with my international colleagues. During lunch time I can have conversations regarding different cultures and customs from all around the world. Moreover everyday catering, game space, and the most beautiful view in Tricity makes me really motivated to start the day in the Gdansk Office with a smile on my face.

Dominika, Team Supervisor in Operations

I started my career by applying to AirHelp at the age of 19, so I feel like I was given the opportunity of a lifetime. I've met a lot of outstanding people who have shown me the world, believed in me, and helped me be the way that I am now. The office became my second home and at the moment, I just can't imagine myself anywhere else. The place and the people just make me feel comfortable.

Ewa, Apprentice Software Engineer

I joined AirHelp 1.5 year ago as an Office Assistant. What I enjoy the most is exploring, learning new things. In AirHelp I have an opportunity to do that. Inspired by my colleagues, I took part in mentoring program -- in the beginning of June I started working as a Software Engineer Apprentice. I love that!

Stefan, Senior Software Engineer

I love coding and have been doing it for companies big and small -- both corporate environments and startups. I've done a bit of contracting too. While I've done lots of things, it's the Elixir programming language that keeps me up at night. Currently, I'm enjoying my time as a Senior Software Engineer at AirHelp, where I can use my skills to actually help others! At work, I put people and values over processes and my style is best described as #ownership. 

Agata, Product Designer

In AirHelp you can meet great, supportive people and work on the different projects within one product (which gives you a chance of trying new things and protect you from boredom). You have the opportunity to develop your personal and technical skills and actively form the shape of the design team.